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[2000-06-11-AJW] Azumi Hyuga & Commando Bolshoi vs ZAPS I & II


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Zaps 1 and 2 did nothing for me as a gimmick and I thought the match overall was a mess. This reminded me of the January GAEA stuff with a bunch of anarchy and nonsense without much in the way of structure or thought put into things. It is a shame because the ZAPS minus the gimmick vs the JWP duo in a straight tag match is something that would have intrigued me. We also miss what looks like half of the match so the clipping is awful too. NR

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I actually thought this was kind of fun in it's messy ways.. The ZAPS(~~!) were just killing the JWP crew with stick shots and also had huge fat girl dives and powerbombs... of course the match was too clipped up to make sense. It was more like a highlight reel than anything else, but... it actually made me curious what was next for the ZAPs.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-11-AJW] Azumi Hyuga & Commando Bolshoi vs ZAPS I & II

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