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[2000-06-12-WWF-Raw] Chris Benoit vs Matt Hardy


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Benoit continues to be a strong tv worker getting two decent to good 4-5 minute matches out of both Hardy Boyz. This had a reckless feel to as Matt gives a suplex to the outside that looked nasty. They have done a good job getting over the crossface as a big time submission move. A solid 4 minutes. **1/4

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After defeating Jeff Hardy on Smackdown, Chris Benoit moves on to facing his brother Matt as he gets a crack at the Intercontinental title. Matt arm drags his way out of a powerbomb and then drops Benoit with a stiff sounding clothesline. Moonsault bodyblock for a two. Leg drop off the middle and again ‘the Crippler’ is able to get a shoulder up before the count of three. He goes for a sunset flip, but Benoit rolls through and levels Matt with a clothesline of his own. Running forearm smash followed by a snap suplex. The attempted powerbomb is countered for a second time, this time by a Russian leg sweep. Shoulderbreaker by ‘the Crippler’, however he misses the diving headbutt. Matt looks to try and take advantage but gets hotshotted across the top rope. Benoit tries to suplex Hardy over the top rope and to the outside, though Matt lands on the apron, drills Benoit and then suplexes him from the inside, over and out to the floor in a crazy looking spot. Back inside and Matt lands on his feet after Benoit avoids the moonsault. The two continue to fight it out until Benoit drives Matt back into the corner. Superplex and both men go down. Hardy blocks the third rolling German, but as he signals for the ‘Twist of Fate’, Benoit counters into the crossface for the submission win. He refuses to break the hold until Jeff runs out, though Jeff hasn’t learned anything from last week as again ‘the Crippler’ KO’s him with a belt shot.


Benoit showing that it doesn’t matter which Hardy brother he works with, he can have a good TV match with either. I didn’t think this was quite as good as his effort with Jeff, although this was still better than the one Matt had with Eddy Guerrero.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-12-WWF-Raw] Chris Benoit vs Matt Hardy
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Benoit is probably the best television worker in the world. Good physicality and sense of struggle in this one where it feels like Matt just gets overwhelmed by Benoit's pressure and doesn't have Jeff's maniacal recklessness to create distance for himself.


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