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[2000-06-12-WCW-Nitro] Hulk Hogan vs Jeff Jarrett


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  • 2 months later...

Billy Kidman is the special referee, for seemingly no reason whatsoever! Hogan is still Hollywood Hogan and he’s aggressive from the off. Clothesline in the corner, Hulk starts choking Jarrett and Kidman is on him to break. He tosses ‘Double J’ to the floor and whips him with his weightlifting belt before choking him with that too. Hulk throws him back inside and Jarrett is immediately on him when he rolls back in; stomping and putting the boots to Hogan and showing no effects of the opening beating he took. Just like last night though, Hogan’s opponents’ dominance doesn’t last for long. A clothesline sends Jarrett over the top rope to the outside, Irish whip, however ‘Double J’ reverses it and Hogan crashes into the guardrail. He picks up a chair and jabs it into Hulk’s ribs. As he raises it over his head to hit him again, Kidman grabs the chair, kicks Jeff in the mid-section and throws it to Hogan. A couple of chair shots across Jarrett’s back, and Vince Russo and Bill Goldberg are out to take a closer look at the proceedings. Hogan with the big boot and Goldberg heads to the ring. Legdrop, cover and Goldberg just about gets in there in time to break up the pin. He sets himself for the spear, however Kidman stands between the two of them and Goldberg spears him instead. He may not be feuding with Hulk anymore, but Kidman continues to take those bad ass bumps as Goldberg presses him over his head and drops him to the arena floor. Spear on Hogan, and Russo and Jarrett set up a table which he then ‘Jackhammers’ him through. G.I. Bro makes the save, dumps ‘Double J’ out of there and Goldberg BACKS OFF wanting no part of the fight. A stretcher is bought to the ring for the Hulkster just as our footage finishes.


The match was similar to last night with Hogan dominating the majority and quickly cutting off his opponents’ attack. The commentators tried to claim that Kidman was getting back at Eric Bischoff for not watching his back, but it was awfully flimsy after everything that he and Hogan have gone through these past few months to all of a sudden see him interject himself into Hulk’s match and helping him out. At least they’re looking to position G.I. Bro with this company at the top of the card though, so he’s not solely with the M.I.A. as things looked a couple of weeks ago. Hated, hated, hated, Goldberg backing off from him mind. I know it’s what heels do, but his character should back down from no-one.

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