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[2000-06-13-Jd'] Azumi Hyuga vs Yoko Kosugi


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This is deemed a future view match and that is a good description as it is worked in the New Japan Young Lions style. Jd' continues to be the most stagnant feeling joshi promotion where not much of note happens. The action here was good enough but also not really memorable at all. The match peaked with Hyuga working the back with some nice butterfly backbreakers but that gets deserted down the finishing stretch. The finisher with the top rope knee strike didn't look that impactful. **3/4

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Pretty good sprint. The point was to make Kosugi look good against a much higher ranked outsider, so there was no reason to expect rocket science psychology here. I mean, Huyga barely worked her back for 90 seconds. I can live with two or 3 spots not being sold like Rude/Steamboat. I actually thought the transitions and control segments were above average - especially liked Huyga taking an unexpected Fuerza bump to the floor and Kosugi immediately capitalizing with a big double stomp. Hyuga sold enough to allow Kosugi to believably hang with her.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-13-Jd'] Azumi Hyuga vs Yoko Kosugi

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