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[1982-02-09-NJPW] Abdullah the Butcher vs Dusty Rhodes

paul sosnowski

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Abby attacks Dusty in the aisle during his entrance, while he is taking his shirt off. He rams Dusty into the railing four times and Dusty comes up bleeding within seconds. They brawl into the crowd, Abby hits Dusty with a water bottle. The wrestlers try to pull them apart, then start carrying Dusty out to seek medical attention. But, of course, Dusty immediately returns to ringside, ready to continue the fight. He tries to get in the ring, but Abby sends him into the post. The referee is checking Dusty's wounds, but Dusty insists he is ok and the bell rings to officially start the match.


Dusty bladed near his eye, he is the definition of a crimson mask. His whole face and head are soaked. Abby is raking at the cut, kicks Dusty and thrust chops him in the throat. He throws Dusty outside into the railing again. Dusty Dusty comes back with 3 bionic elbows, but collapses from pain and blood loss. . Abby drops a big elbow, but only gets a one count. Dusty hits two more bionic elbows, and then suddenly hits a running elbow to Abby's face. Abby punts Dusty in the head, follows up with some headbutts. Dusty grabs Abdullah by the ear, and starts biting it. The Butcher screams in pain. A few more elbows and Abby is down. Dusty gets an elbow drop. The Butcher is bleeding now. A second elbow drop for a 2 count. Dusty pushes the referee out of his way. Then he comes back and Dusty swats him down. 2 more bionic elbows and Dusty punches the referee in the face for the DQ at 4:27.


More bionic elbows, big pull apart brawl. Bad News Allen attacks Dusty, but Wahoo McDaniel makes the save. Dusty and Abby continue their brawl in the crowd.


The whole fight and brawl and attack went about 11 minutes, but the official time was only 4:27. 2 1/2 ***. An incredible spectacle between two legends

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