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[2000-06-17-Stampede Wrestling] T.J. Wilson vs Harry Smith


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Harry Smith is 14 years old here and wearing a hoodie so it is impressive that the match is perfectly acceptable. TJ has always been a solid worker in my eyes that never seemed to have that one great run that it seemed like he was capable of. We get interference from the Honor Roll faction and that is thwarted off by Ross Hart. Bad News Allen is on commentary with Mauro and in a pure heel role going after Harry. TJ hits a nice somersault diamond cutter but Harry is able to put his foot on the rope. A few moments later, Harry gets the surprise win. Afterwards, Davey Boy comes out to assist his son and they cut a promo. TJ’s faction is also upset with his efforts and they punish him as a result. A fun stop into the Stampede territory and the future seemed bright. **1/2

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Good lord Maruo was doing the "mama Mia" thing in 2000. Given how young these guys were, this was really good. Harry was green and didn't sell much but he hit his moves cleanly. TJ looked like a season pro and held it together nicely. Hell, he did a better job than a lot of the indie darlings in 2000. This broke down when the run ins started but it was good while it lasted. Always love Bad News and his "Sharecroppers" commentary.

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T.J. Wilson has got the ‘Honor Roll’ faction in his corner, while Harry is seconded by Uncle Ross Hart. We’re informed that Davey Boy, Diana and Stu are all in attendance watching the match at ringside, although Bad News Allen thinks it’s no coincidence that the night Principal Richard Pound isn’t here, Davey Boy is. Smith starts out the aggressor, dropping Wilson with a clothesline and getting a quick two count after a legdrop. Shades of his old man with the running powerslam, however it’s too early in the match and T.J. kicks out. Huracanrana, he goes for it a second time but this time Wilson counters into a powerbomb. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a great looking springboard elbow drop. Awesome backbreaker variation by Wilson, starting off in the torture rack position, pressing Smith up over his head and then dropping him across his knee (think an inverted version of Dean Malenko’s stomachbreaker). Smith lands on his feet off a monkey flip and an inverted Death Valley Driver as he looks to try and get back into this. Meltdown (pumphandle powerslam) and Wilson is able to get a shoulder up just in time. Fireman’s carry into a sit-out powerbomb and fearing the worst, two members of the ‘Honor Roll’ are up on the apron. Smith takes them both out and then makes a beeline for the rest of the group who’re at ringside. Despite Ross trying to help his nephew, the numbers are too great and T.J. distracts the official whilst they all assault Harry behind his back. Somersault diamond cutter by Wilson, but he’s too close to the ropes when making the cover. Tornado DDT off the turnbuckles. T.J. goes for it again, this time though Smith counters into a spinebuster which is enough to put his opponent away and get the three. Davey Boy leaves his position at ringside to attack the ‘Honor Roll’, before we get a couple of interviews. Mauro Ranallo is conducting them and the bleach blonde highlights are not a good look on him! Davey is huge and promises to partner his son here in Stampede and take on any challengers. The ‘Honor Roll’ are not happy that Wilson lost, and all take it in turns to beat on him as some sort of punishment for losing. Major Yates holds Ross Hart responsible and challenges him to find two men to take on two members of their ‘Honor Roll’.


For their level of experience I thought this was really good. Smith is aged just 14 at this point whilst T.J. is 19, and my lone criticism for Smith would be that he wrestled in a hoodie, making him look like the young teenager that he is. Had he worn proper ring gear, I doubt you would have even queried his age. Wilson was tremendous, and on the back of this I’d put him ahead of both Styles and Spanky, way ahead of Punk and a notch below Ki and Dragon. Everything he does from controlling the match, to his bumping, his execution, and right down to how he throws a punch has the air of a veteran about it. He’s innovative too busting out moves that I’d not seen before (I can’t rave highly enough about that inverted backbreaker) and can fly along with it. You have to think that had he been based in the US, as opposed to Canada, the likes of CZW, ECWA, FWA and later ROH would have been using him on a regular basis.

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