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[2017-07-09-WWE-Great Balls of Fire] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro & Sheamus


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These thirty minutes just flew by for me. Cesaro & Sheamus are on top of their game with the heel tactics. I can understand why The Revival haven't been that featured on Raw with these two guys working matches like this. Matt and Jeff bumped like nuts for the heels. Loved the ring post count out finish. That was really unexpected as I thought The Hardyz might even things up at that point. Cesaro & Sheamus trying to kill time and leading into the crazy good last five minutes or so of the match really took things into overdrive. Just a very, very good match here.



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Wow, this was incredible. The first fall w/ Cesaro & Sheamus getting the pin right away was amazing. The 2nd fall with Jeff as the FIP was brilliant - he sold & bumped his ass off while Cesaro & Sheamus were amazing on top, working the heat on him. Matt's hot tag was AWESOME, he was fired up - and just when it was looking like him & Jeff were getting back into things, BOOM! Cesaro & Sheamus get another fall by count out. Brilliant. They dominate again while the Hardyz make awesome, energetic comebacks. The drama in the last 10 (& especially 5) minutes was terrific. This was just so well laid out. Might just be the best match the Hardyz have ever had. ****1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-07-09-WWE-Great Balls of Fire] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro & Sheamus

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