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[1979-07-15-AWA-Minneapolis, MN] Nick Bockwinkel vs Greg Gagne

paul sosnowski

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This is for the AWA World Heavyweight Title. But we only get 4 minutes of action. Yes, you read correctly, it is Greg Gagne not Verne getting a title shot in 1979


We start with Bockwinkel down on the mat, Greg is on the outside, the referee is putting a count on him. Greg barely makes it in at ten, but Bockwinkel immediately kicks him back out to the floor. Greg starts to get up, Bockwinkel runs around the apron and punts him in the ribs. The referee is trying to get Bockwinkel to back off, but now he slams Greg's head into the apron. Bockwinkel runs over and punches him in the head twice, sending him to the floor "like a wet noodle", says the commentator. Greg is still on the outside, Bockwinkel keeps trying to stop him from getting back in the ring. Finally, Greg grabs Bockwinkel's leg from the corner and posts it on the outside. Greg jumps into the ring, "Oh is he hot, there goes the Gagne temper". He slams Bock's hamstring on the mat, and bodyslams him. Whip to the ropes, and two flying dropkicks, into..the GAGNE Sleeper!!! Bockwinkel rolls thru the ropes and Greg falls out as well. Greg gets back in the ring first, and Nick swings a chair at his head and nails him from the floor. Immediate DQ!!! Bockwinkel is screaming and complaining that it was a chokehold. Bockwinkel yells at the crowd and leaves. No sign of Bobby Heenan.


The footage was poor quality. Nothing really worth seeing

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Greg got this shot by beating Nick on TV in a non-title match in June, FWIW.


The image of Wally Karbo holding Bobby Duncum back from helping Nick while Greg put Nick to sleep with the sleeper is one that has always stuck with me and was one of the defining moments of making my interest in the pro graps a lifelong thing.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1979-07-15-AWA-Minneapolis, MN] Nick Bockwinkel vs Greg Gagne

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