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[2000-06-21-WCW-Thunder] Jeff Jarrett & Mike Awesome vs Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash


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Holy shit a halfway decent tag match that was worked straight. This was a welcome change and Steiner and Nash were pretty fun as a team. Steiner pinning Jarrett for the finish is presented as this huge moment with Tenay screaming. That seems really hollow since every match Jarrett has won in months has been through the means of screwiness. The crowd heat drops immediately after the match when Cat gets involved and the over booked nonsense resumes. More straight tag matches please, WCW. **1/2

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‘Commissioner’ Cat is providing guest commentary for this match. He’s introduced after Jarrett & Awesome and instead of going straight to the announcer’s table hops in the ring for a little dance and then hops straight back out the other side! Mike Tenay mentions how, despite them claiming they’re putting everyone on an even playing field, by taking away Steiner’s recliner they’re putting him at a severe disadvantage. Steiner backs Jarrett into the corner only for ‘Double J’ to cheap shot him on the break. ‘Big Poppa Pump’ blocks the attempted whip to the corner and unloads with punches and kicks before dropping him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Nash has Jarrett up for ‘Snake eyes’, however he wriggles off his shoulder and down his back and then shoves him chest first into the turnbuckles. Double axe handle from the middle, but ‘Big Sexy’ snatches him around the neck and plants him with a chokeslam. Awesome attacks Nash from the apron and nails him with a flying clothesline off the top. ‘Hot shot’ on ‘Big Poppa Pump’ followed by an ‘Alabama slam’ for a two. Steiner ducks the double lariat, Nash grabs Awesome and he then levels Jarrett with a clothesline of his own. A huge gorilla press slam on ‘Double J’, ‘Tiger Driver’ and he gets a pin on the World champion. Post-match Steiner puts Jarrett in the recliner, which sees ‘Boss Cat’ (as Bobby Heenan now calls him) leave his position at the commentary desk and enter the ring. Nash takes him out with a clothesline and Awesome comes to ‘Double J’s’ rescue, clocking Steiner over the head with the US title. ‘Big Sexy’ eventually clears the ring of them when Goldberg’s music plays and he walks out carrying Scott Hall’s WCW contract. Nash invites him down, but Goldberg tells him that they’ll do it on “his time” and he just turns around and leaves.


Good short TV match with everyone, even Nash, looking good and having their working boots on. Jarrett and Steiner especially worked well together here. Ironic that the crowd were hot for the match itself, but died for all the post-match stuff when ‘Boss Cat’ felt the need to get involved. I don’t know if anything more happened in the arena, but Goldberg, backing off in general, and even moreso to a guy like Nash, looks worse every time it happens.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-21-WCW-Thunder] Jeff Jarrett & Mike Awesome vs Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash

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