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[2000-06-24-WWF-MSG, NY] HHH & X-Pac & Road Dogg vs The Rock & D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley


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It is nice to have some house show footage mixed in. This is an especially lively crown in MSG the night before the PPV. I haven’t watched KOTR 2000 in quite some time but know the reputation that it is a pretty awful show both from a booking and in ring stand point. I wonder if having such a jazzed house show the night before led to the come down from the workers. Dudley’s and Rock work well as a unit and while this exhibited your basic tropes of DX retreating to the back and then being brought back out and a cop out finish to protect everyone, the action was presented well and the crowd was molten. The pop that the 3D on X-Pac gets for example is huge. D-Von played FIP twicw and when the big brawl erupts, Bubba ends up going through the table. The dissension between Hebner and HHH is still being brought up and Earl shoves HHH into the spinebuster from Rock. People’s Elbow and Rock has the pin until Vince drags Earl out of the ring and slaps him. Kane comes out to help but the numbers game catches up to him. Biker Taker makes his way down Harley and all and he beats up everyone including giving Shane a chokeslam. Again all of this was very formula but with the molten crowd eating it all up, the enjoyment level was raised. *** (6.1)

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