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[2000-06-24-NWA Wildside] Rock & Roll Express vs Bad Attitude (2/3 falls)


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We join the action right as the hot tag is made. Bad Attitude goes through their offense and seemingly wins with a moonsault. Steve Martin is out however to inform us that this is now 2/3 falls. RNR quickly get the second fall as we go to commercial. The leg work on Michaels is again great as RNR continue to be delights as heels. Robert rips off the pants to add insult to injury. Figure four reversals occur. Hot tag is made to Young and the finish occurs when Steve Martin tries to throw in the chain but it gets intercepted by Young and they win. Fun match but a good step below their earlier encounter. RNR turns face as they help Bad Attitude clear house on their way out of the promotion. I stand by the fact that the heels are too strong in Wildside right now. **1/2

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OK match but certainly not as good as the other Rock N Roll Express match. It's kinda sad to see Steve Martin as generic heel GM but he's better than Alkieholicand Randy Hales. Robert Gibson didn't look too good in this especially during the finish of the match. Chad is right about the heels. They always looked too powerful compared to the babyfaces.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-24-NWA Wildside] Rock & Roll Express vs Bad Attitude (2/3 falls)
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The match is joined in progress with the Rock & Roll Express working over David Young.  Robert Gibson telegraphs a backdrop and Young spikes him with a DDT.  Hot tag to Michaels who comes in like a ‘house on fire’.  Young is quickly back to his feet and Bad Attitude whip the Rock & Rolls into each one another.  Frog splash by Michaels on Morton, David Young with a middle rope moonsault and we have new NWA Wildside tag team champions.  As Bad Attitude celebrate the title win Steve Martin comes to ringside and informs them that this is a 2/3 fall contest and the match isn’t over.  Preoccupied by Martin the Rock & Rolls jump Bad Attitude from behind and within seconds have squared things up one fall apiece courtesy of a double dropkick.  We return from a commercial break to see the champions in charge and working on the injured knee of Michaels.  Martin has stayed at ringside and gets in some cheap shots on his former friend behind the referee’s back.  Figure four leglock by Morton and when it looks like Michaels is about to reverse things, Gibson is in and stomps him in the chest.  Michaels slaps his own knee, trying to get some feeling back into it and then manages to turn the hold over.  He avoids a charging Morton, who goes flying shoulder first into the top turnbuckle, before making the tag.  Young throws Gibson to the outside and plants Morton with a spinebuster.  Steve Martin is upon the apron distracting the official and preventing him from counting the pin.  He throws a chain into the ring for the Rock & Rolls but it’s intercepted by Michaels who clocks Ricky Morton and this time we do have new NWA Wildside tag team champions.   Members of the NWA Elite jump Bad Attitude after the match as Jeff G. Bailey encourages the Rock & Rolls to join in the attack.  Still pissed that Martin, who is part of the group, cost them their tag team titles, they end up helping Bad Attitude instead.

Another good Rock & Roll Express/Bad Attitude match, although below the one that they had in March.  It’s a shame the match was jip as I would’ve liked to have seen the first fall in full.  Michaels’ selling of the knee was first rate, and I loved the way he crumpled to the mat when Morton went for an Irish whip, unable to put any weight on it.  Morton also had some very nice touches in here such as pulling down Michaels’s knee pad so the offense would do more damage.  Only a small thing but something that adds to the situation.  Gibson wasn’t as good as his partner and actually appeared lost on several occasions, wandering around aimlessly.  Nice pop for the title change at the end with Martin’s interference leading to his enemies regaining the gold.

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