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[2000-06-24-OVW-TV] Damaja & Nick Dinsmore vs Rob Conway & Mr Black


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I’m guessing Damaja and Dinsmore have recently signed developmental deals, as for the first couple of minutes Cornette completely ignores what’s happening in the ring and talks about how it won’t be long before they’re in New York and how what’s going on in OVW is clearly important to the WWF. Dean Hill is finally able to get a word in and he at least tries to call the action before being interrupted by Cornette. Conway distracts the official and this gives Black the opportunity to throw Dinsmore over the top rope to the outside where Kenny Bolin and Jerome Croney gets some shots in on him. Slingshot back into the ring. Conway with an elbow to Damaja on the apron, but that’s just another way to distract the official, as when he stops him from coming in the ring, they again launch Dinsmore over the top to the outside. A second slingshot back in, although this time Dinsmore lands on his feet and catches Conway with a release German suplex. A pair of tags and Damaja takes it to Mr Black. ‘Damaja splash’ (Cornette’s awful name for a ‘Stinger splash’) in the corner and Conway saves his partner from the ‘Brain Damage’. All four men are in the ring and as the ref tries to get Dinsmore and Conway out of there, Croney comes off the top with a crossbody, only to hit Mr Black instead of his intended target the Damaja. ‘Brain Damage’ on Black and the official turns around to see the cover and count the three. Bolin Services attack the faces after the match and an almighty brawl (also including Trailer Park Trash, The Collector, Rico Constantino, Mark Henry and Russ McCullough) ensues as the show goes off the air.


Two clean finishes in a row? What’s going on? Normal service is resumed with Cornette after the clear aberration a couple of weeks back mind. The guy talks non-stop through this and doesn’t come up for air! It’s bad enough for us as viewers, but how must poor Dean Hill feel having to spend an entire show next to him? Work and action was solid, although if only Cornette could tone it down by at least half!

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