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[2000-06-29-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Benoit & Val Venis vs Rikishi & Eddy Guerrero


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Fun tag match to open up SmackDown. It was nice to see Eddy and Benoit mix it up and show their tremendous chemistry against each other. Eddy is a good FIP for a while and we go into the finishing stretch with T&A coming out. Chyna gets involved with them and Too Cool also comes out to help Rikishi. Chyna and Eddy dance in the end to a big reaction. It’s interesting that the match ends with Rikishi/Too Cool/Chyna/Eddy in the ring which was 4 of the 6 competitors in the Mania six man. **

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We get a quick recap of Monday night where Chyna gave Trish Stratus a powerbomb after she interfered in Val’s match against Eddy. Rikishi has still got that bicep of his all bandaged up. A thrust kick gets rid of ‘the Crippler’ and a scoop slam on Val. Tag to Eddy and Rikishi assists with the slingshot senton. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Benoit. Irish whip is reversed, Eddy ducks the clothesline but gets caught with a knee to the back by Venis when he hits the ropes. That only momentarily slows him though as he’s able to hot shot ‘the Crippler’ across the top rope. Belly to back suplex gets him a two on the first cover of the match. Val is again interfering from the apron, this time pulling down the top rope when Eddy hits it so he sails over and to the floor. This time it’s Benoit with a belly to back for a near fall. A pair of running lariats in the corner by Venis, a ‘Blue Thunder Driver’ and they still can’t put Eddy away. Val runs into an elbow and a Guerrero dropkick takes him off his feet. A series of headbutts to the shoulder, Eddy grabs his hand and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Benoit is in to try and help his partner, but Eddy catches him with a flying headscissors while at the same time taking Val down with an arm drag. Hot tag to Rikishi who levels the opposition with a double clothesline. Samoan drop on ‘the Crippler’ and a thrust kick to Val. As Benoit is getting to his bearings in the corner, Rikishi whips Venis into him and then ‘backs dat ass’ up onto both. The action continues with all four men in the ring when out rushes Test & Albert who snatch Chyna while Trish watches on. Too Cool make the save and the official ends up throwing the match out. The faces run the heels off and Eddy and Chyna join Rikishi and Too Cool for a little post-match dance.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-29-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Benoit & Val Venis vs Rikishi & Eddy Guerrero

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