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[2000-06-30-AAA] Tiffany vs Lola Gonzalez


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Female lucha is again something that feels like it should be much more prominent than it is. I am unsure if the right worker has never caught on/gotten the appropriate push or what but I look forward to seeing the 2000’s output with the Apache ladies being featured. This was ok. Tifany has good enough character work but this was mainly rope running and arm drags. Lola looked like she was moving in slow motion for some of the later spots. The victory roll from the top rope in the finale was a good nearfall. The seconds get involved and the finish is annoying with Tirantes giving a fast count allowing Tifany to win. I would like to see Tifany in there with someone like Asari. **

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If I remember right, Tiffany used to be a sorta protege of Lola's until she turned rudo. Tiffany was alright when she was younger but is pretty bad now. Lola wa like a lot of the other lucha ladies who wrestled for far too long and it got embarassing. This wasn't too bad and I was surprised Lola did a flip off the top rope. Finish was usual AAA BS with Tirantes.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-30-AAA] Tiffany vs Lola Gonzalez

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