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[2000-07-01-IWA-MS-Heroes, Hurt & Hot Wax] American Kickboxer vs Richard X (Shoot Style)


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We are in the middle of what looks like someone’s hunting land for this IWA show. This wasn’t bad. They played up the shoot aspect of the match and it didn’t drag out which can be a huge problem with other Kickboxer matches. Some of the punches and kicks had good pop to them. Kickboxer locks on a leg submission and that is it. Afterwards, we get a big melee and Ian sets up some matches for the future. **1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-01-IWA-MS-Heroes, Hurt & Hot Wax] American Kickboxer vs Richard X (Shoot Style)
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It looks like Ian has found some abandoned waste land and just set up a ring there.  Jeez, Richard X (a black fella) is managed by some obese white chap in dungarees called ‘his’ Uncle Honky!  A no holds barred grudge match where the only way to win is by submission or knock out.  Kickboxer comes out kicking and swinging as X takes an early powder to the outside.  It does look like he’s laying his shots in, unlike his opponent whom, when he tries to fight back, is clearly pulling his stuff as there is nothing behind them.  Kickboxer open hands X across the face and drags him to the mat before throwing knees to the head while in side control.  In case anyone was wondering whether this was a shoot or not, Kickboxer grabs the mic and tells X “this is a fucking shoot, I ain’t working with you, I’m here to beat your fucking ass!”  So they’re working then!  X has offered absolutely nothing here.  Double leg take down by Kickboxer and he gets the submission with a leg lock.  Hy-Zaya jumps Kickboxer after the match as the dressing room empties to separate the pair of them.  Ian then announces that Kickboxer will face Hy-Zaya in a first blood lumberjack match later in the show, and if anyone in the audience is over 18 and wants to be a lumberjack to go and buy a raffle ticket!  A carny to the end is old Ian!

Essentially a squash to set up the angle and match later in the show.  I thought X was really bad here and bought nothing to the table, his kicks being especially woeful.  Kickboxer worked the style well and his punches and open hand shots looked good (a couple of kicks were dodgy, but nothing like X’s).  I liked the knees from side control too although the mid-match mic work was unnecessary.  Whenever anyone tells you they’re “shooting”, you know that’s the last thing they’re doing!  I’m guessing the fans had to pay to get a raffle ticket by the way and I wonder if Ian worked the draw as well.

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