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[2000-07-02-BJW] Ryuji Yamakawa & Shadow WX vs Wifebeater & Justice Pain (Hardcore)


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-02-BJW] Ryuji Yamakawa & Shadow WX vs Wifebeater & Justice Pain (Hardcore Match)
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Yamakawa looks to be having a ton of fun as he dances along to ‘Jailhouse Rock’ although Shadow WX  is clearly all business tonight.  Meanwhile for the opposition the Wifebeater is like some sort of nu-age Bruiser Brody the way he marauds around ringside trying to terrorize the fans with his weed whacker.  Justice tosses Ryuji to the outside, lays him on a table and then appears to be attempting some sort of springboard, only to slip on the ropes and fall INTO the ring onto Beater who was watching on!  That was so bad that the fans start laughing at them.  They quickly try to rescue the situation with Beater pressing Justice over head and dropping him out onto Yamakawa but struggles on the military press.  The action spills into the crowd where Shadow DDT’s Justice on the stage before clotheslining him off it.  He then goes to powerbomb Yamakawa off the stage and onto Beater, who is laid out on another table, however now he’s the one struggling and needs help from a second in getting Ryuji up.  If that wasn’t bad enough he then proceeds to overshoot the powerbomb and Yamakawa misses him altogether!  Not only are the fans laughing at this, so now are the commentators.  Attempt number two on putting Beater through that table, this time with a splash off the stage instead.  You’d think nothing can go wrong with that, well you’d be wrong, as the target is missed yet again as Shadow, trying to compensate for overshooting previously, fails to reach Beater and ends up pushing him off the table rather than through it!  The CZW boys nail their opponents with chairs and Beater lands a double armed suplex forcing Yamakawa to stretch out a foot to the ropes in order to stop the count.  Combination sit out chokebomb/Lionsault and Ryuji ends up having to kick out as Shadow was late on the save.  Justice with a flip dive to the floor, springboarding off the back of Beater who was down on all fours, but it looked amateurish in both set up and execution.  Stacked up Samoan drop on Pain and Beater is in to break up the pin.  More tables are set up on the outside and Yamakawa suplexes Wifebeater from the apron and through them.  For some reason Shadow assisted by powerbombing Ryuji at the same time which I can only think was to add more ‘force’ to the move.  A stacked up butterfly suplex and that puts Justice down for the three as Shadow makes the cover, picking up the win for his team.

This match is edited and it is still a shambles so God knows what the full unedited version was like.  Wifebeater and especially Justice Pain looked terrible, the latter completely clueless at times.  Surprisingly they can’t be held fully responsible for this rubbish as Shadow WX was every bit as bad as the pair of them.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-02-BJW] Ryuji Yamakawa & Shadow WX vs Wifebeater & Justice Pain (Hardcore)

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