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[2017-07-21-NJPW-G1 Climax] Yuji Nagata vs Hirooki Goto


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This was excellent, hard-hitting and I really liked the layout. When Nagata got on his roll, I really thought he had Goto here. A smart transition into the bulldog gives Goto the advantage and he gets the best of a slug-off before hitting a headbutt into the GTR. Nagata sold this great, I really like that combo finish for Goto. ***3/4


From Ioan's review at PTBN:


A slap from Goto set Nagata off and he targeted his opponent’s right arm with kicks until Goto was able to turn the tide with a clothesline. After beating on Nagata outside, Goto maintained control in the ring until, once again, he slapped Nagata on the head. Nagata was rightly furious and threw a knee to Goto’s gut before hammering him with kicks. They threw elbows, Nagata’s hit hardest, and he landed an Exploder after a couple of kicks for two. Goto freed himself to hit a spinning heel kick and backdrop for a two-count of his own, then nailed the Ushigoroshi for another two. Nagata blocked the follow-up, transitioning to the Shirome armbar, but Goto got a foot on the ropes. An arm breaker and the Justice Knee led to the Drive Screw, then a spinning brainbuster connected. Two-count only! A backdrop dumped Goto on his head, but again he kicked out, and he was able to use a bulldog to stop the onslaught. Elbows, then an exchange of lariats and kicks, until a discus lariat took Nagata down, but he popped back up with a spinning back kick! Goto grabbed a sleeper to block the backdrop, however, then a headbutt set up the GTR for the three-count. Some quality hard-hitting pro wrestling here. Funny to see Goto play the disrespectful youngster, but it worked. Great to see that Nagata, like Kojima, still has plenty left to give. ****


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This had a classic strong style build that I appreciated. Some opening mat work that was engaging and sat the table for later. The back and forth between the two in the finishing run was logical and tense and finishers were used sparingly. I really appreciated the fact that Goto was able to hit the VTR and that was enough for the victory. Is Nagata going to get a win before the final night? ***3/4

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