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[2017-07-22-NJPW-G1 Climax] Toru Yano vs Satoshi Kojima


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From PTBN:



Yano got two-counts from a school boy and backslide, then a pissed off Kojima wailed on him with stomps and sprayed Yano’s own water bottle in his face. The beatdown continued, despite Yano’s protestations, until an inverted atomic drop turned the tide, then Yano hit Kojima with a turnbuckle pad and looked for the count-out. Back in, Kojima was sent into the exposed buckle, but hit back with Mongolian Chops and his usual routine in the corners. Yano rolled away from the diving elbow, but Kojima flattened him outside with a plancha! A DDT on the floor preceded a diving elbow in the ring, earning a two-count, then the Koji Cutter connected. Kojima brushed off a hairpull, but Yano manoeuvred the referee to disguise two low-blows and a roll-up got the three-count. Hmm. I don’t have an issue with Yano winning in his customary fashion, but I don’t need to see a ten-minute match before that. Moving on. **

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