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[1997-03-16-WCW-Uncensored] Harlem Heat vs Public Enemy


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Tornado match! Everything is legal, and all 4 men are in play. The P.E. bring a bunch of hardcore stuff, like trash cans and cookie sheets. As a match, it's one of the worst things I have ever seen. They're literally walking through the motions for 90% of it.


But for two reasons, it's one of the greatest things I have ever seen:


1. Sherri - every time the PE get outside the ring, she clobbers one of them. "They got to take that can away from her!"

2. Dusty gives the greatest commentary ever while laughing his ass off. I wish I had gone back and written down everything he says, and one day maybe I will.



"That's a commode lid! Some bathroom in this building is missing a toilet lid! Is that a new toilet lid or a used one?"


"Hahaha, I used to do that to my little brother!"

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edited from my blog...


Harlem Heat vs. Public Enemy - The use of the toilet lid is particularly pleasing to Dusty Rhodes, whose commentary is one of its strongest selling points. In terms of "suspense," this match has absolutely none - you are basically just watching guys waffle each other for 10+ minutes, which, at first, pops the crowd, but then bores them...Booker [is a] much stronger character and worker than anyone else he's sharing the match with...There's a table spot towards the end that sees Rocco Rock come flying with a somersault legdrop while Johnny Grunge just delivers an awkward and lazy back splash (really he just falls over) onto Stevie Ray...Rhodes commentary carries this match into watchable territory. (2.5/5)

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