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[2000-07-05-WCW-Thunder] Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett


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A good fundamental match with Jarrett working over the leg a good bit leading to a nice figure four spot. Booker's selling was strong here giving the damage that Jarrett was doing some gravity. This is probably the most credible Jarrett has looked with the belt actually. Finish has Kanyon coming out in DDP attire and hitting a Diamond Cutter on Booker allowing Jarrett to get the win. Afterwards has Cat starting the match again and I still can't figure out his character. Booker lays out Kanyon and then goes back on the attack. Jarrett has his guitar ans smashes it over Miller's head before leaving with the title. **1/4

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Booker is already out of the M.I.A. gear so that didn’t last for long! Side headlock from ‘the Book’, Jarrett shoots him off and Booker gets the better of the shoulder tackle. Dropkick followed by a clothesline sends ‘Double J’ over the top rope to the outside. Double axe handle off the apron and he then throws Jarrett into the announcer’s table. Back inside, Jarrett reverses the Irish whip and slaps on a sleeper. Booker fires him into the ropes and responds with one of his own, only for Jarrett to counter with a shinbreaker. Figure Four but Booker is able to reach the ropes for the break and a double clothesline sees both men go down. Spinebuster and an axe kick for two. Harlem sidekick, however Jarrett ducks out the way and Booker crotches himself on the top rope before falling to the outside. Chris Kanyon (now doing the DDP knock off ‘Positively’ Kanyon gimmick) with a ‘Diamond Cutter’ on the floor and he rolls Booker back in the ring. Jarrett with the pin to retain the World title, when out comes ‘Commissioner Cat’. He says how he wanted no interference, so orders the official to restart the match. Jarrett confronts him on the rampway, Booker nails him from behind and ‘the Cat’ tosses him back in the ring so the match can continue. As ‘Double J’ continues to remonstrate at ‘the Cat’, Booker with a schoolboy for two. Scoop powerslam, missile dropkick, but Jarrett is able to get his foot over the ropes. Booker ducks out the way of a clothesline and Jarrett accidentally takes out Charles Robinson. ‘Book End’, no official although Booker gets the visual three count. ‘The Cat’ strips Robinson of his shirt and puts it on himself, but by now ‘Double J’ has had time to recover and kicks out of the pin. Jarrett grabs his guitar and backdrops Booker over the top rope to the outside. When ‘The Cat’ tries to take it off him, he clobbers him over the head with it and then just walks back to the dressing room. A couple more officials are out to help and Booker wins by DQ.


Solid work here but they were hampered by a dead crowd who didn’t react to hardly anything. The interference, the near falls, nothing, it was only when ‘The Cat’ restarted the match did they come alive a bit. Agree with the comments on ‘The Cat’, is he a heel or a face? He was supposedly made Commissioner by Eric Bischoff (I think) and he’s been quite heelish in his actions up to this point, but here he is being a full on face Commissioner. Strange?

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-05-WCW-Thunder] Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett

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