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[2017-08-01-WWE-Smackdown] Chad Gable vs Rusev


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Chad Gable & Rusev are 2 guys who have always got tons of hype, but I've never really been super impressed with their in ring work. That changed here as both of them gave absolutely fantastic performances; you got Gable as the stamina machine, never getting tired, trying to ground Rusev w/ that leg work & then busting out those gorgeous Suplex's - and you also got Rusev as the big Goliath throwing the smaller man around, all the while selling his ass off for him. Great dynamic & great stuff all around. Fantastic match. ****

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While I definitely wouldn't go as high as **** (more of the *** range for me) this was a lot of fun, and I would love to see a longer 15-20 min match between the two. With Rusev's style and Gable being an ex-Olympian, I was sort of getting a 1980s Olympic Games vibe from the match, with a plucky challenger with a patriotic support taking on an imposing Eastern European working a sambo style. Gable's hope spots in the match were nicely timed and there was a great nearfall on the moonsault. I also really enjoyed his rolling belly to belly suplexes. I know they are probably not going in this direction, but an extended rivalry where Gable takes something in losses to Rusev, learning and adapting and then using that to overcome him on a PPV event is something I could get behind.

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