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[2017-07-28-321 BATTLE!-Wet Hot Seattle Summer] Daniel Makabe vs Timothy Thatcher


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Thatcher comes out & he is not impressed with the wacky antics of the promotion, he is just all business here. Once the bell rings he tries to go for a big boot right away only for Makabe to duck it & then give him a big punch to the face for a nearfall. Great start. Thatcher is a little stunned after that so Makabe has the control for a short amount of time, but yeah, short amount of time because Thatcher gets the control quickly. And he starts working the crap out of the young local hero. He is brilliant at that, and every time Makabe escapes his submissions or kicks out from his suplex's, his reactions are priceless. Thatcher is without a doubt the best in the world when it comes to selling stuff w/ facial expressions. Daniel Makabe is pushed as a submission specialist, a great technical wrestler so he does lock Thatcher a few times to some nice submissions, but well, Thatcher is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world so he gets out of them pretty quickly. Also gotta mention that Makabe's selling was absolutely perfect - he sold all of Thatcher's offense like death. One of my favorite moments of the match was when Makabe started to slap Thatcher, Thatcher answers to that with slaps of his own, a lariat to the back of the head & then a big German Suplex - which leads to one of the commentators saying "Ladies & Gentlemen, Timothy f'n Thatcher". Great stuff. The commentators overall did an OUTSTANDING job bringing emotion to this as well as the crowd - oh the crowd was absolutely perfect for this match. They were 110% behind their local technician & the boos & screams every time when Thatcher got him locked in some nasty submission were tremendous. Loved Makabe's big comeback once Thatcher had him in the corner & he turned things around - that running dropkick to the corner was beautiful. That was followed by a great looking suplex, which then lead to CATTLE MUTILATION, which I am always happy to see. That once again was a wrong move by Makabe though, as Thatcher got out of it right away. He then tried to follow it with an Octopus Hold, but Thatcher got out of that in no time as well. Another fantastic moment was when Thatcher locked in his signature armbar, which caused the crowd to roar in fear of Makabe tapping & even the commentator screaming "PLEASE DON'T TAP DANIEL!" - then the finish, that absolutely ruled. Thatcher is stunned again after Makabe had escaped his Fujiwara Armbar which lead to them trading 1 nearfall each w/ roll ups, that set Thatcher up in a bad position as he was sitting in the middle of the ring, which lead to Makabe elbowing him, headbutting him on his BACK & then putting him on his finish which is called the Makabe Lock, which is basically like Cattle Mutilation but with the victim of it sitting instead of being down. It was beautiful. Thatcher has no choice but to tap. He did it. The promotion's local young star, Daniel Makabe just beat one of the top indy stars - and not only that, he made him TAP OUT. What a brilliantly crafted story. Thatcher was perfect as the cocky big star invader just beating the crap out of the youngster while not giving shits about the promotion's wacky signature shtick & Daniel Makabe was also absolutely perfect as the local hero underdog going against the bigger, more experienced Thatcher. Also as I mentioned earlier, the commentary & the crowd were also perfect and they added a ton to the match. The post-match was beautiful with Thatcher putting over Makabe - “This scarf says ‘die matte ist hellig’, which in German means ‘this mat is sacred’. And if there is someone here in 3-2-1 BATTLE! that believes this mat is sacred, it is Daniel Makabe." - that brought Makabe to tears. Absolutely beautiful stuff. Pro Wrestling folks. It's the best. ****3/4

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Whoa, Daniel Makabe, blast from the past there. He and another guy in this promotion (Scott Henson) and maybe a few others were backyard wrestling legends to me and my friends like 13 years ago. Cool to see they're still at it and working with awesome talent. Will definitely check this one out, great find.

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