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  1. bucky

    Wrestling Is Gross

    Thanks for boost buddy. Bryan is a friend, that's one of our most listened to episodes, and he's coming back on next week (tentatively) to talk about a Juggalo show. Should be wacky. I abandoned this thread because I forgot I made it, but we're still at it, and have begun a Complete and Accurate History of the WWF Hardcore Title. This is part 2, or part 1.5 since this is the second half of part 1 but we fucked up and did almost 4 hours. Wrestling Is Gross #34 - Take Me To The River This week, we continue our journey through the history of the WWF Hardcore Title by slipping on banana peels, drowning in The Mississippi, and talking at length about how cool Gangrel's entrance music was. An essential podcast for essential and non-essential workers alike. Road Dogg vs. Al Snow (12/29/98) Gangrel vs. Road Dogg (1/12/99) Bob Holly vs. Al Snow (2/14/99) Bart Gunn vs. Bob Holly (2/16/99) Billy Gunn vs. Bob Holly (3/15/99) Billy Gunn vs. Bob Holly vs. Al Snow (3/28/99)
  2. Hey everyone. I don't post here anymore, and barely did in the first place, but a fellow lapsed poster and I have recently begun our podcast. Wrestling Is Gross is a show about deathmatches, matches that are deathmatch adjacent, and just generally any wrestling that seems smelly or disgusting. We did an episode on 2003 CZW. We did an episode showcasing chain, dog collar and strap matches. Our latest episode covers a few choice Ian Rotten matches, including some of the fabled Methlab Battlarts matches. We are looking to provide a unique voice in a genre of podcasting where everyone sounds largely the same, both literally and figuratively. We want to provide a perspective that is thoughtful, intense, and opinionated. We also just want more people to watch the shit we talk about. Give us a listen, follow the show on Twitter, let us know what you think. We're still riding this early high, trying to find our footing, and hoping to fulfill a niche hole in the wrestling podcast market. http://wrestlingisgross.libsyn.com https://twitter.com/deathmatchpod
  3. bucky

    NXT talk

    Ahhh, Gabe is such a fucking mark.
  4. LOL at Park having a "resurgence". Dude has literally ripped it up consistently for his entire career, and his very best stuff has been within the last ten years while everyone's just been watching Okada matches and pretending lucha doesn't exist.
  5. bucky

    The big announcement

    Get it brother, shoot your damn shot.
  6. bucky

    NXT talk

    I have learned in the meantime that Cena usually gets literally slimed at these awards shows. I really thought that was a sick burn by Mauro but it is just another lame reference. Wait, what the fuck did you think he meant?
  7. bucky

    Wrestlemania Weekend 2018

    People on Twitter seemed to really enjoy it. Apparently the ref was really, really bad, and the first few matches were awkward with guys who didn't know quite which pace and style to work, but the second half of the show, by all accounts, was very good. I'm going to watch it within a few hours and will report back, lol.
  8. Yeah, I mean, there isn't really a need for Johnny to smoke an eighth a day and post garbage on a message board, but that doesn't stop him.
  9. Fascinating how everyone's instinct, both here and on Twitter, is to just write their own opinions on the number, citing almost no sources. No one mentioned the simple fact that this is a fantastically researched article, as usual Bix. I really enjoyed exploring the external links you provided. Good stuff.
  10. Yeah but Johnny, what do you even read anyways? Like when do you ever discuss wrestling with anyone besides your apocryphal nephews and the stoned non wrestling fans from your garage that you talk about in every other PPV thread?
  11. bucky

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    Sam, I feel offended that my appearance on the show didn't warrant a post in this thread. My mic quality was among the best ever on the show.
  12. bucky

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Oi sum chav nicked me microphone out me car round the Tesco. I'm right mental about Chief Jay.
  13. bucky

    Wrestlemania Weekend 2018

    LOL. When I read your post, in my mind I was like, either Shlak or Crane. Sure enough. I might have told you this on DVDVR (if you're the same Edwin) but Game Changer is definitely not for everyone. Personally I think that sounds hilarious, and also impossible to know if a work or shoot. But yeah man, GCW might as well be renamed YMMV Pro.
  14. bucky

    Wrestlemania Weekend 2018

    Any kids being brought to those shows probably see far worse at home. Just saying.. EDIT: For the record, I don't have any idea what spot Edwin is talking about. I watched every Game Changer show from 2017 and have no memory of such a spot. I'm assuming it was one of the recent shows, and I'm also assuming it's Shlak doing said cocaine.
  15. bucky

    Wrestlemania Weekend 2018

    Of course it was.