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[2000-07-10-WWF-Raw] HHH vs X-Pac


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We get Steph coming out and saying she liked the kiss with Jericho and she is looking for more. This is so over the top that it of course telegraphs the setup and I was glad Jericho didn't go for it. Backstage, HHH and X-Pac are arguing and it seems like DX is coming unglued. We have seen this before. Road Dogg says he can't watch and leaves. Well I will just say the match worked me. I fully expected the Shawn and HHH bullshit we saw in 1997 but HHH and X-Pac go after each other and it had me wanting to seek out when X-Factor started teaming on cagematch as I assumed this was it for DX. Just then, the action spills to the outside and here comes Jericho and the attack is on as DX has him surrounded. A great beatdown occurs with tons of heat being put on Jericho and everyone including Steph getting their shots in. X-Pac saying the beating was worth it to pull off the ruse was excellent. I love this feud. **

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Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley has a proposition for Chris Jericho; she wants them to make up and invites him to join her in the ring, promising to make it worth his while. She knows that Y2J didn’t mean everything he said about her and when he kissed her at the ‘King of the Ring’, she liked it, and thinks that he liked it too. Jericho appears on the big screen and Steph talks about putting the past behind them and being friends. Y2J is ecstatic that she feels this way as for the past two weeks he’s thought about nothing but that wonderful kiss. He’s been pining for the day that he could do it again and now his dreams are coming true. Jericho tells her that he’s coming out to give her the biggest smooch she’s ever had and to just wait there for him. Stephanie puckers up, Y2J’s music plays, but when the lights come back on there is no sign of him; only X-Pac and Road Dogg waiting at the entrance as they were ready to jump him. Triple H joins the other members of D-X and Jericho is back on the big screen saying how that was the most pathetic attempt of an ambush he’s ever seen in his life. After making some more cracks about HHH and Steph, a match is set up between the two for Fully Loaded.


D-X are in the back going over what just happened out there. X-Pac thinks it was a stupid idea anyway, which Triple H doesn’t take to kindly to what with it being his idea, and he says how he doesn’t see him or the Road Dogg coming up with anything. Pac tells him to calm down, but HHH is hot that Jericho keeps getting one over on them and shoves him backwards. Now Dogg is trying to play peacemaker. Despite his efforts though challenges are issued and the two decide to settle it in the ring later.


Road Dogg tries to talk Triple H out of the match when they’re both in the bathroom but ‘the Game’ is having none of it “X-Pac’s getting his ass kicked!” He tells him that he’ll live to regret it and he’s not going to stick around to watch. After returning from a commercial break, Dogg is shown carrying his bags and making his way out of the building.


Onto the match and Triple H and X-Pac again exchange words, HHH with a shove but this time Pac responds with a right, dropping ‘the Game’, before unloading with a bunch more punches. Flying clothesline, and as Pac looks to be asking “why?” HHH nails him with a right of his own. He tosses him to the outside and the two are now going at it on the floor. High knee by ‘the Game’ and Steph gives him a round of applause for that one. Pac reverses the Irish whip and catches Triple H with a spinning heel kick. Spinning kick to the chest and Hunter collapses in the corner. He avoids the bronco buster, but Pac then sidesteps HHH’s charge and, in the same motion, launches him over the top rope to the outside. Sensing an opportunity to get one over on ‘the Game’, Chris Jericho rushes to ringside and starts putting the boots to him. Y2J looks at Pac, almost hoping to gain some approval, but he points to the entrance and walking down the aisle is Road Dogg carrying a sledgehammer. The penny drops and he realises he’s been set up. D-X then destroy Jericho three-on-one (four if you count Steph). ‘X-Factor’, pedigree, sledgehammer shots to the ribs and the head, by the time they’re finished Y2J is busted open badly and bleeding from the mouth. He’s taken out of there on a stretcher and wheeled into an ambulance to go to hospital.


Well they hooked me! This was an awesome angle and, just like Chris Jericho, I totally bought into the idea that D-X were falling apart at the seams. I’d like to think that they had planned this scenario down to the ‘T’, right from Y2J not buying Steph’s words at the beginning and then it went exactly as they’d hoped and without a hitch from there. Tremendous stuff.

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