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[2000-07-10-WCW-Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Billy Kidman


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Kidman takes a nasty hiptoss over the top rope onto the floor. Jarrett really loves brawling around the floor around this period and it is discouraging considering the sound technical base he exhibited early in the 90’s in USWA. Kidman has some great highspots in this short match. Torrie comes out and that allows Shane Douglas to interfere and attack Kidman. They seem to be rekindling the Francine/Douglas dynamic. I was happy that Kidman at least was able to kick out of the Jarrett pin attempt and Kidman is getting some decent crowd support. After a minute of action, Jarrett gets the Stroke for the win. **1/4

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Kidman and Jarrett actually go out and put on a fun TV match here. They did a good job of stacking the deck against Kidman and allowing him a chance to fight back a bit even after the interference. Several credible nearfalls but Jarrett still decisively gets the win here. A bright spot on Nitro.



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‘Double J’ opens the aggressor, Kidman ducks a clothesline and a headscissors takedown. Jarrett with a backdrop over the top rope, however Kidman lands on the apron. Somersault back inside, they then continually reverse each other’s hip toss attempts, ending when Jarrett launches Kidman over the top and to the arena floor (not a comfortable looking bump!). Whip to the guardrail before dropping Kidman throat first across it. He fires back with a couple of dropkicks and a forward roll off Jarrett’s shoulders into a cradle for two. Crossbody off the top, however Jarrett’s momentum takes him over and Kidman kicks out just in time. ‘Double J’ telegraphs a backdrop, Kidman with a kick and he then clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope to the outside. Torrie Wilson walks out (I thought they were through?) and Kidman forgets about his opponent to step outside and have words with her. He tells Torrie “it’s over” and she slaps him. Shane Douglas tries to jump Kidman from behind, but he blocks his shot and drops him with one of his own. Low blow by Torrie and ‘the Franchise’ with a DDT on the floor. Douglas throws him back in, Jarrett crawls over for the pin but Kidman kicks out. Powerbomb is just about reversed into a facebuster, and now it’s Jarrett barely getting a shoulder up. ‘Double J’ blocks a bulldog off the turnbuckle and counters with ‘the Stroke’ for the three.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-10-WCW-Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Billy Kidman

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