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[2000-07-10-WCW-Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Kanyon vs Scott Steiner vs Goldberg


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Main event here for the right to face Booker at the next PPV. Kanyon as the DDP cosplayer is an awful gimmick. Goldberg is essentially a face here and gets the best reaction of anyone. With Goldberg and Steiner facing off, you have your money match. Jarrett dives in and steals the win which is a whiff since him vs Booker isn’t much of a feud with juice. At least he did it without a bevy of interference and they do have a big feud on their hands with Steiner and Goldberg. *1/2

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Four way match with the winner going on to face the World champion at New Blood Rising. Steiner and Kanyon get us underway and Steiner with some knees to the mid-section before tearing off Kanyon’s shirt and chopping his bare chest. Big gorilla press slam dropping him face first to the canvas. He tosses Kanyon over the top to the outside and whips him into the guard rail. Belly to belly, ‘Steiner recliner’ and Goldberg is in with a boot to the head to break up the submission. ‘Alabama slam’ into a sit-out powerbomb by Kanyon and Goldberg is back in again, this time to break up the pin attempt. He signals for the ‘Kanyon cutter’, but Jarrett slaps his outstretched arms and tags himself in. Irish whip is reversed and Steiner with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Kanyon tags himself back in, although Steiner’s not too pleased about it and gives him a lovely overhead suplex/throw on his way out. Jarrett makes the cover, but this time Goldberg is in too early and stands around like a lemon waiting for the official to count two before he breaks the pinfall. Kanyon counters the hiptoss into a swinging neckbreaker. He goes for the ‘Kanyon cutter’ again, Jarrett shoots him off, Kanyon ducks the clothesline, boot to the gut and this time he hits the cutter. Unbeknownst to him though, Goldberg had tagged himself in after ‘Double J’ missed the clothesline and nails Kanyon with an almighty spear. ‘Jackhammer’ and Steiner with the save. The two of them are nose to nose and trade a few bombs before falling out of the ring to the floor. Jarrett sneaks back in, covers Kanyon and will go on to face Booker T at New Blood Rising. Security are out to separate Goldberg and Steiner as the show goes off the air.


Kanyon looks like a jobber here doing the parody gimmick, which makes it tough to take him seriously as a threat to the other three wrestlers. He works and bumps hard (and took the spear wonderfully) but needs to quit the gimmick sharpish. There are still signs in the crowd saying ‘$oldberg’, however he gets more cheers than anyone else. Match is well structured to keep him and Steiner apart bar the one brief altercation, and what we got of them trading forearms and bombs was superb. Crowd was primed and electric when they were nose to nose and that’s the match they should be looking at booking for the New Blood Rising PPV.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-10-WCW-Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Kanyon vs Scott Steiner vs Goldberg

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