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[2000-07-12-IWA-MS-Survive This] American Kickboxer vs Hy-Zaya (Shoot Style)


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This was a neat match. It is a squash for Kickboxer right up until the finish. His strikes and MMA are really strong here and I wish he went more that way instead of the highspot oriented style as this holds up a lot better. The finish has some interference from Uncle Honkey which puts Kickboxer out and Hy-Zaya to get the win after getting decimated for the entire match. **3/4




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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-12-IWA-MS-Survive This] American Kickboxer vs Hy-Zaya (Shoot Style)
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That blonde woman giving Hy-Zaya grief looks like the same one who was on their case at the ‘Heroes, Hurt & Hot Wax’ show.  Another outdoor IWA-MS card and the same match stipulations as Kickboxer/Richard X from eleven days prior.  A stiff kick to the knee causes Zaya to crumple and he at least looks more competent in this environment than X did.  Kickboxer is not giving him a moment’s rest bite though, dropping him with a knee to the head.  Zaya manages to catch a kick, exploder suplex and he takes Kickboxer’s back looking for a choke.  Boxer fights his way out and applies a cross armbar telling Zaya to “give it up” before he breaks it.  He doesn’t break it and he doesn’t get the submission, Zaya grabbing the ropes.  Kickboxer with a leg lock, but he leaves his own leg too close to his opponent who slaps on a heel hook.  That forces Boxer to release his own grip as he then repeatedly open hand slaps Zaya across the head to get him his.  A pair of kicks double Zaya over and Kickboxer follows that with one to the back of head.  Richard X runs out but Kickboxer sees him coming and decks him the moment he puts his head through the ropes.  Someone who I don’t recognise jumps X and the referee heads outside to try and restore some order.  With the official’s back turned, Honky enters the ring and chokes out Kickboxer.  Zaya then applies a rear naked choked to the unconscious Boxer for the win. 

A better match than Kickboxer/X and Boxer again looks good working this style.  The interference laden finish meant this ended on a downer for me, although Kickboxer proceeded to milk the applause from the fans for all he was worth before he finally left.

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