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[2000-07-13-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Benoit vs Eddy Guerrero & Chyna (Handicap)


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This is a neat feud that has continued to progress the Rock vs Benoit feud and made Eddy and Chyna look prominent as well. The match is mainly Eddy vs Benoit and pretty fantastic. Even the spots Chyna is involved with are well timed and get a big reaction. Both men are passed out when Shane O Mac makes his way to ringside. Shane attacks Chyna and gets a baseball slide from Eddy into the table. Benoit locks in the crossface which has really quickly been positioned as a top move. Eddy makes the ropes but Benoit fails to break. Hebner also gets locked into the crossface. Rock comes in to break it up and we finally have our Fully Loaded title match made official with a Rock promo backstage with Kevin Kelly. Benoit comes in and attacks Rock locking him in the crossface backstage. Great stuff developing the issue between Benoit and Rock. **1/4


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