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[2000-07-15-MPPW-TV] Derrick King vs Blade Boudreaux vs Khan


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Still feeling the pressure from MCW, Power Pro has another full action 3 way. There is so much more wrestling on Memphis now compared to even a few years before. Even 5-6 minutes of a match like we see here feels like an eternity compared to the amount of in ring action we get during some years. Memphis isn't immune to weak finishes as we get a ref bump here and some misdirection. Khan has the oriental spike locked in when the referee recovers and Blade is out. *1/2

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Three way match for the MPPW TV title where the winner will be the first man who scores a pin. Derrick King walks to the ring with some female called Tiffany, although it’s never explained who she actually is. Khan rushes at his opponents, ducks under a double clothesline, only to get planted by a double chokeslam. Double back elbow followed by a combination boot to the mid-section/swinging neckbreaker. Blade makes the cover, but King pulls him off even though they had been working together up until this point. Boudreaux with a dropkick and now King covers Khan only for Blade to pull him off. They shove one another before DK drops Blade with a right and that short lived alliance is over. ‘O’Connor roll’ from King, and Blade bulldogs him at the count of two putting a stop to that pin attempt. Nice clothesline sequence that sees DK level Blade only to then get taken out himself by Khan. A backdrop sends King over the top rope but he lands on the apron. Khan avoids the crossbody back into the ring, although he connects with Blade instead and Khan is forced to break up the pin to save his title. A dropkick sends DK to the outside, from where he hooks Blade’s ankle as he’s running the ropes, pulling him out to join him. They trade blows on the floor, forgetting all about Khan who nails them both with a pescado. Double clothesline off the top by Blade. He launches DK at Khan, however he catches and throws him overhead with a suplex. Russian leg sweep by Blade and Khan kicks out at two. Spinebuster by King on Khan, and Blade with a leg drop to the back of the head as he makes the cover. Boudreaux goes to crack Khan with a chair that King had earlier bought into the ring, but he pulls the official in front of him and Blade clobbers him instead. Facebuster by DK and he gets the visual pin as the ref is still down. Alan Steel is out pestering Tiffany which leads to King coming to her rescue and the pair go at it at ringside. Meanwhile inside, ‘Oriental spike’ on Blade by Khan for the win as Randy Hales and Dave Brown say how they need to look at banning that move.


The three of them crammed a lot of stuff into this and I thought that they all worked hard with some nice, if slightly contrived, spots thrown in there. King clearly was the one holding all of this together though, and it was majestic the way he was selling Blade’s punches at one point when they were outside. Ref bump was completely uncalled for and unnecessary, and looked to have only been done in order to give King a visual pin before he left the match to go and rescue Tiffany from Steel. It’s a hugely overdone spot in Power Pro as it is, and when it’s used in instance like this where it’s not needed (like King really needs to get a visual pin on Khan? Just have him leave the moment he sees Steel at ringside) it doesn’t help that perception in the slightest.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-15-MPPW-TV] Derrick King vs Blade Boudreaux vs Khan

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