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[2000-03-25-BattlARTS] Daisuke Ikeda vs Katsumi Usuda


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We get about 11 out of 16 minutes here and this is a huge bomb fest with some crackling kicks by both men. The headhunting that is relentless throughout the match provide an intense atmosphere and a lot of tension throughout the match. With this amount of firepower going after each other with the strikes, every kick could be a KO blow. Ikeda is able to finally gain an advantage and win with a choke. Really strong Bat Bat match. ***3/4 (7.5)

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This ruled. A lot of stiff love, with Usuda opening the match with all these little headbutts before trying to choke out Ikeda. Then he starts snapping off kicks, landing a couple of headshots to Ikeda, who stumbles around until he runs into a shot that knocks him flat. Really great kicks from Usuda throughout. Of course, Ikeda dishes it back, waylaying Usuda with a big right hand before clobbering the fuck out of him with a lariat on the ropes. Usuda spends some time going after the arm, doing a good job of maneuvering around Ikeda's escape or counter attempts to stay in control. Loved when Ikeda freaks out on him with his punts, stomps, and kicks. Really liked the finish too, with Ikeda grabbing the arm, rolling around into a Fujiwara, and then laying on him with the choke sleeper until Usuda's eyes go white. Too bad this was clipped.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-25-BattlARTS] Daisuke Ikeda vs Katsumi Usuda

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