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[1995-12-19-RINGS] Volk Han vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto

Superstar Sleeze

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Volk Han vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto - RINGS 12/19/95


Yamamoto is on the vanguard of the new generation of Japanese shoot-style talent along with Kohsaka and Tamura. These two had an amazing match in June of 95 with an epic finish. This match does not quite reach that level, but is pretty entertaining. Han basically ripped Yamamoto's arm out of his socket with biggest double wristlock rip of all time, but see here Han cant get that. I love how Han's way to fuck with people's guard is just to cross their ankles. That is really his solution to everything. Yamamoto tried to scissor a heel hook and Han just manipulated that into an ankle cross. Really Yamamoto the figure-4 is a much better hold than a scissors and makes it hard to transition into an ankle cross. Han was in full wizard at one point he went from a gruesome cross armbreaker to an ankle cross that had Yamamoto scrambling for the ropes. I will say Yamamoto hung in there and really started to make Han worry. At first it was heel hooks and you could see Han's countenance change. Like he was getting annoyed. After needing a rope break because he could not finish a figure-4 (Han is so good at the organic figure-4) and almost being choked out. Han was pissed. He started smacking Yamamoto in the head hard. VOLK HAN SNAPPED~! Yamamoto gets a textbook over the shoulder armbar takedown and transitions immediately into a cross armbreaker. Great selling by Han, he crosses up the ankles but cant exert any pressure and he is writing... VOLK HAN taps out?!?! WTF?!?


Crazy finish. This was six months before Tamura would join, but Maeda needed a new Japanese ace so I can understand the finish. Match was great. Not nearly as memorable as the June match, but nice progression from Yamamoto and selfless performance from Han and all his classic stuff minus the double wristlock. ****

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A solid rematch with Yamamoto really trying to get the advantage and Han being patient and slick as usual. Yamamoto almost seems desperate/reckless at times, which gives this match kind of a sloppy sheen, but it's still Volk Han and he gets some of his offense in while still allowing Yamamoto to get the spotlight...kind of. At one point, Yamamoto comes at Han with open hands and Han just tosses him like a sack of flour. Yamamoto is able to get him in a triangle but once again, Han coolly steps on the leg and puts him in the straight leglock. Han knocks him down with a flurry of slaps, they flip-flop single leg crab holds, and then Yamamoto snags the armbar. When Han tries to get out, turning over onto his belly, Yamamoto holds on and taps him with the reverse armbar. Big win for Yamamoto. although nowhere near his best showing, and a good Han performance as always. 

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