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[1993-11-09-LLPW] Akira Hokuto vs Rumi Kazama (Hair vs Hair)


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This is intense from the very beginning as Hokuto hits a big backbreaker, crushing her own knee and at the same time setting up the back work on Kazama. Lots of Hokuto kicking the shit out of Kazama's spine ensues, landing every basic move with some extra pissed offness until kickpadded Kazama comes back kicking her in the face and then gives back some by attempting to kick Hokuto's leg out of her leg. The result feels obvious but Kazama gets some fun offense and surprise nearfalls in on Hokuto. This felt like it could've been better, but Kazama looked good selling and kicking the hell out of Hokuto, and I guess keeping the hierarchies intact was more important for them.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1993-11-09-LLPW] Akira Hokuto vs Rumi Kazama (Hair vs Hair)
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An intense struggle that started hot from jump with both women showing great urgency in trying to secure the win quickly as possible. Everything they did was simple but executed on a more vicious level. Hokuto went nuts on Kazama’s back leading to some great brawling. In return Kazama tried her hardest to kick the leg off Hokuto. It all climaxed with the coolest sleeper hold i’d ever seen. This was great, it was short and the two went at a pace that made the finish believable.

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