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[2000-07-22-OVW-TV] Trailer Park Trash vs Jason Lee


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Cornette welcomes us to another exciting hour of OVW. Sure. The color commentator was brutal here heeling it up talking shit on TPT. The match itself is around 2.5 minutes and Lee didn’t do a lot to impress. Cornette is alarmed that Benetti is going to be in the corner of the match. TPT starts making his comeback and puts the match away with a running powerbomb. A decent enough way to showcase TPT. ½*

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Trash is the current OVW Hardcore champion, but there doesn’t appear to be a belt that goes along with that championship! As soon as the bell ring’s Jim Cornette and Dean Hill are joined by Tony Vanetti who’s a local radio DJ. The match itself is background while Cornette and Vanetti spend the next three minutes talking about the upcoming Louisville Gardens show, where Vanetti will be in Crash Holly’s corner when he takes on Trash. Lee even lands a superplex at one point which they ignore as the hard sell of this house show is clearly more important than what’s going on in the ring. The finish comes as Lee heads upstairs for a ‘Lee-sault’ (a Cornette trademark name that is even more awful than ‘Damaja splash’), but he’s too slow, Trash shoves him in the back and he crotches himself on the top turnbuckle. ‘Splash Mountain’ meets a powerbomb by TPT and he retains the Hardcore title.


If Cornette doesn’t care enough to call the action here then why should I care about this?

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-22-OVW-TV] Trailer Park Trash vs Jason Lee

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