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[2000-07-22-CZW-No Rules, No Limits] Backseat Boyz vs Ric Blade & Nick Mondo (No Rules, No Limits)


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I had a blast watching this. Throw logic out the window as we don’t get a single tag throughout the entire match and the action falls in line of what cool spots we are doing next. However, for a 2000 spotfest, this was done really well. Acid is smooth as silk and impresses me time and time again with how he can transition from big move to big move seamlessly. Kashmere for his part starts things out with Blade and they do a fairly complicated indie respect sequence flawlessly. Blade trips a bit on the ropes because it is Ric Blade but then he nearly kills himself torpedo’ing down with a shooting star press to the floor. Dewey Donovan gets Liger Bomb’d by the referee and Mondo and Blade do a double Van Terminator to Kashmere in a cool looking spot. Blade then goes to the outside and performs a Swantom through Acid on the table jumping from the crow’s nest where the hard cam is located. On the other side, Mondo gets sent from the top of the concessions through a light tube table by Kashmere. Blade’s valet gets put through a table in a sloppily put together spot where Blade loses Acid the first time and looks like a dolt that he didn’t see her laying on the table. The BSB pick up the win with an Acid Bomb/Ace Crusher combo on the chair. This was a lot of fun and should have gave the BSB some rep around the message board corners at the time. ***3/4 (7.6)

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This was all over the place and hard to follow in spots but had some memorable and grisly moments. I never cared for Backseat Boyz back in the day but are better upon revisit. The Blade swanton looked super painful with him taking a ton of the brunt on his tailbone. And then Mondo crashing through the lighttubes and table was even worse. His elbow looked shredded to hell as he wandered around working the rest of the match. The valet table spot comes off clunky but leads to a pretty brutal looking finish for the Backseat Boyz to retain the belts.



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This was a nice spectacle. Lots of nutty bumps from all the guys and Backseat boys looked like a good tag team. Still, Ric blade comes off like the stupidest wrestler ever. The valet spot was bad enough ( I did like he she basically no sold it) but the swanton was worse. He barely hit Acid on the table and just took all the force on himself. Mondo's dive through the tubes was just as bad. Sometimes, you just watch that and be amazed. Crazy stuff.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-22-CZW-No Rules, No Limits] Backseat Boyz vs Ric Blade & Nick Mondo (No Rules, No Limits)

I do think the Backseat Boyz lose something when they come out to anything other than ‘I Want It That Way’.  Johnny Kashmere has clearly been studying Rob Van Dam, showboating after the very first move of the match!  The expected choreographed sequence you’re guaranteed out of Ric Blade, ending with a sit out snap mare.  A powerslam by Mondo on Trent and when Dewey Donovan tries to interfere, he ends up on the receiving of a double team powerbomb.  The one other thing you can guarantee out of Ric Blade is a botch and we get that next as he loses his footing when Mondo launches him up to the top turnbuckle.  He resets himself and a suicidal shooting star press to the floor!  I kid you not, if it wasn’t for the Backseats saving him, Blade may well have killed himself on that as he doesn’t rotate enough and nosedives head first towards the concrete.  You can hear in the reaction of the crowd how dangerous that looked.  After everyone breathes a sigh of relief and realises he is okay, Mondo with a top rope Asai moonsault.  Blade might not actually be that okay looking at the way he’s trying to shake out those cobwebs.  He’s still got enough about him to apply a Tarantula on Kashmere, although it comes across pretty cheap using a move that is so synonymous with another wrestler.  Whilst tied up, Mondo dropkicks a chair into the head of a helpless Johnny, but as he walks around the ring parading it, an Acid missile dropkick sends it crashing into his own face.  The footage is jumping around a bit as there is only one roving camera filming while there is often something going on inside the ring and out at the same time.  Sit out face first suplex off the top onto a chair by Acid.  Mondo ducks a chair shot, leaps to the top turnbuckle and a flying back elbow sees it, this time, crash into Trent’s face.  A nice suplex into a stunner from Kashmere and I have no idea what Blade then tried on him.  Dewey Donovan is back interfering and hits a Fisherman buster on Blade which leads to the referee giving Donovan a Ligerbomb!  Orihara moonsault by Acid, ‘Wall Unit’ by Blade, double ‘Van Terminator’ on Kashmere.  It’s safe to say that psychology has long been thrown out the window here.  Blade lays Trent on a table and climbs up to a balcony, however Acid is quickly up off the table and gesturing at him to jump.  While Ric considers whether to, Trent’s attacked by Nick Berk who lays him back on it and Blade with a ‘Swanton bomb’ from the balcony (which barely connects).  Over on the other side of the building, Kashmere and Mondo have made their way up onto the roof of an office.  Johnny whips him off it and Mondo takes the most graceful of dives through a perfectly positioned table covered in light tubes.  Jeez, Mondo’s back and elbow is shredded after that bump.  Corkscrew dive off the roof by Kashmere.  The action returns to the ring where the Backseats set up a table in the corner.  Trent sits Blade on the top turnbuckle while Johnny grabs Shorty and lays her on top of the table.  Blade blocks the top rope rana and flips Trent over, in the process splashing Shorty and putting her through it.  That made no sense at all as to why Blade would even do that.  Inverted airplane spin into a neckbreaker by Kashmere, and a combination Acid Bomb/Ace Crusher onto a chair sees the Backseat Boyz get the win.

I’m reluctant to even call this a match, more like a choreographed, car crash, stunt show, spot fest.  To be fair you didn’t want to take your eyes off what you were watching and there was some real ingenuity in there, but got the feeling that they wanted to out-ECW ECW.  Shorty continues to be the most pointless valet of 2000, although with Mondo being the one checking on her and helping her to the back after the table bump, it looks like things are leading to a Blade/Mondo match and maybe even over her.  Talking of Blade, he legit nearly killed himself twice during this!

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