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[2000-07-22-MCW-TV] Reckless Youth vs American Dragon


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This was another good installment in this feud. Reckless continues to get cockier and cockier and I do like his offense on top as a heel. Dragon makes a good comeback with kicks and suplex throws. A rough moment comes when Reckless uses his feet on the ropes that won him the previous match but the timing was off and the referee stared right at him attempting to do that. The referee gets bumped and Youth goes to the trusty foreign object to pick up the victory however after the match, the referee sees the object and reverses his decision. **1/4

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Reckless isn’t happy that when he taps the microphone the audience don’t go quiet and show a bit of respect for him! For the past several weeks he’s come out here, worked hard, and done these technical wrestling matches, but all these people have done is boo him. He’s heard them insinuate that he’s a cheater, that he’s used the ropes to try to beat people, and the biggest insult of all is that they cheer for this nobody, the American Dragon, who’s only just got here. Youth rushes Dragon, but he ducks under a clothesline and leaps over a charge, landing a dropkick after both and sending Reckless packing to the outside. He returns to the ring and a blatant kick to the groin where he acts as if he’s just kicked a field goal, watching the ball sail through the posts and then signaling the two points! Reverse neck snap and Youth tries to get the fans to clap him but they’re having none of it. Now he’s blatantly choking his opponent and Reckless counts along with the referee, breaking on four before telling the crowd that he’s got a five count. He ties Dragon in the ‘tree of woe’ and a baseball slide dropkick to the face. Tumbleweed legdrop off the middle misses as Danielson moves out the way. Dragon whips him into the corner, but Reckless blocks the hip toss and counters with a brutal looking double underhook piledriver, spiking Dragon flush on his head. Danielson fires back with a flurry of kicks and this gorgeous variation of a Fisherman’s suplex (like a combination Northern Lights/Fisherman’s). Double leg takedown and folding press by Reckless. Unlike last week though, the official catches him with his feet on the ropes and stops his count. Youth says something to him, pushing him in the face at the same time, and he responds by shoving him backwards, right into a Dragon German suplex for two. Crossbody off the top, but Reckless pulls the ref in front of him and he gets taken out instead. Youth reaches into his pockets, instructing the cameraman to “go away” as they catch him up to no good, and drills Dragon with whatever it was he pulled out. The official is still pretty much KO’ed, although is able to count the fall as Reckless gets the win. Oh, he doesn’t! Ronnie James (who Reckless will be teaming with on a spot show later in the day) is out and grabs the foreign object, explains what happens and the referee reverses his decision.


Heel Reckless Youth is so much more fun to watch than face Reckless Youth! He showed a ton of personality and charisma here in the way he was heeling it up throughout the match, the way he was interacting with the crowd and even in his pre-match promo. He’s like a totally different person. That double underhook spiked piledriver looked nasty and I would use that as his finisher, not having someone kick out of it like what happened here. Dragon is seemingly inventing new suplex variations on a weekly basis at the moment and that one here was a thing of beauty.

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