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[2010-11-14-DDT] Hikaru Sato vs HARASHIMA


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This was really good. I like dueling limbwork when it's pulled off in a smart way, and this match manages to do just that, with Sato priming the arm for the jujigatame and HARASHIMA trying to alleviate Sato's kicks by working the leg. This follows the traditional DDT "Main Event" template, with scrambled matwork to start, bouts of snug slap and kick exchanges, and the sudden escalation into bigger offense. The slaps are especially stiff, as Sato's lip gets busted, and HARASHIMA's legwork gets nasty at times with some of those targeted kicks. One of the cooler moments of the match is when Sato's able to go back to the armbar, transitioning into a triangle and as HARASHIMA begins to power out, Sato uses the ropes for a rope-hung armbar, choking HARASHIMA to the point of foaming. Sato's outside running PK takes a lot out of him, which allows HARASHIMA to dropkick the leg out from underneath him on the apron to regain control. They go back to the slaps, with Sato at one point straight up punching HARASHIMA in the face, and the finish was neat, with Sato catching HARASHIMA in an armbar off the springboard. HARASHIMA struggles to get out, at first booting at Sato, then grabbing onto the referee, before finally giving up.

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I love this match, the superkix post is a pretty good recap/review. I don't know, I just like Sato a lot and the match is structured in a great way with each going for a different limb. All the struggle in Sato matches during this time looks very good and is very compelling, and watching him transition into an armbar or a triangle from weird positions is great.

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