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[2000-07-22-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D vs Blade Boudreaux


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We see what happens after they went off the air last week as Baxter is being held by Spellbinder waiting on Seven to hit him with the kendo stick. Well this is taking a long time and you can imagine what happens next. Seven hits Binder and we have a turn that didn’t make much sense or garner much of a reaction at all. We have a Baxter conspiracy announces Dave. Blade is not very good at all but I enjoy seeing Wolfie in a long form match and he is a ring general with a good general idea of what to do to make a match successful. Blade musters up a comeback but in come the reserves for the Baxter contingent and they end up beating up Binder and Blade until Ali clears house. That gets Corey real excited and Dave says he thought Ali was working WCW this weekend. We get the set up for the tag team main event.*1/2

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The show opens with Dave and Corey confirming that Bill Dundee will be here today, before tape from last week after they went off air is shown. Spellbinder is holding Brandon Baxter as Seven is about to cane him, when Seven double crosses Spellbinder and canes him instead. It looks like Seven is back in ‘The Cartel’ fold, although with not watching everything, I didn’t realise he wasn’t!


Back to today and Baxter leads Wolfie D out as they join Dave Brown for an interview. Wolfie blames Randy Hales for everything that happened as he told him that if he didn’t bring him the Power Pro Heavyweight title then bad things were going to happen to a few people. All those people he beat up last week, it was Randy Hales’ fault because he didn’t do what he told him. He goes on to say that a normal person might feel compassion for what he did, but he’s not normal.


Blade’s not really showing much variety here, just sitting on an armbar, and once Wolfie escapes, he’s right back to it. A couple of terrible looking clotheslines before Baxter hooks his ankle from the outside. Wolfie tries to rush Blade, but he backdrops him over the top rope to the floor. Baseball slide dropkick, although like those clotheslines, this didn’t look good. Baxter jumps on the back of Blade and the ref has to pull him off, but he causes enough of a distraction that he completely misses seeing Wolfie piledriver Boudreaux on the concrete. Brief commercial break and when we return, Wolfie with an ‘Alleycopter’ for a two. Leg drop off the middle and again Boudreaux gets a shoulder up. Sunset flip out of nowhere by Blade and Brandon Baxter does what Brandon Baxter does best, distracting the official so he doesn’t see that pin attempt. Boudreaux starts to fire back on him, a flying forearm, only for Baxter to put Wolfie’s leg over the bottom rope. ‘Gator Drop’ and just as the ref is about to count the three, Khan interferes for the DQ. ‘Oriental spike’ on Blade and Spellbinder is in for the save. Baxter calls for the troops and Seven puts the numbers back in their favour as he waffles Spellbinder from behind with his kendo stick. Ali eventually runs ‘The Cartel’ off, much to Dave and Corey’s surprise and excitement as they both thought he was working for WCW today.


Ali says how Brandon Baxter thought he was gone because he was in WCW, well he’s wrong because Power Pro is still Ali’s house! He tells Spellbinder that even though they’ve had their problems he respects him as a man, and asks whether he’ll be his partner against Wolfie and Seven later today. A nod of the head is all that it takes and the match is set.


I had thought Blade had looked good up until now, not so here; terrible looking clotheslines, a poor baseball slide dropkick and he seemed to have no idea whatsoever outside of that armbar for the opening few minutes. The match itself was fairly boring and went roughly ten minutes before the cheap DQ interference laden finish. Was Ali in WCW? Can’t say I knew that, although it would explain my previous musings as to why WWF never took a shot on him if the was under contract to the opposition.

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Ali was under a WCW Developmental deal I believe. Same as guys like Colorado Kid and Chris Harris were. This wasn't too bad I though. Wolfie is good enough to get something decent out of the broomstick that is Blade. Finish was weak though. Why couldn't Wolfie just beat Blade? At least we got the set upto the tag match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-22-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D vs Blade Boudreaux

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