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[2000-07-24-WWF-Raw] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs Edge & Christian


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Foley’s interactions with E&C continue to be a big comedic highlight for the promotion and work to help raise their profile overall. Dudley’s are back in a prominent position within the tag division after a slow month following the DX feud. Quickie match but a good bit of interaction between the three teams to set up the feud that will lead to the big gimmick match at TLC. The Wassup drop is in full effect for the face Dudleys. It looks like the Hardy’s are going to win the belts after a Swantom but Bubba pulls Jeff out the ring. The Dudleys then get the 3D that is broken up by a Matt Hardy legdrop. Christian sends Matt out of the ring and then covers D-Von to escape with the belts. *1/4

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Edge & Christian are around the table with Commissioner Mick as he makes fun of them for getting their asses kicked by the Acolytes. He didn’t know whether to book them against the Dudleys or the Hardyz tonight, so decided to book them against both in a three way, meaning they can lose the belts without getting pinned. Mick finds that idea especially amusing.


The bout kicks off on the outside as the Hardyz and Dudleys both leave the ring to meet E&C on the ramp way as they’re making their entrance. Double shoulder charge by the Dudleys on Edge and then Bubba hot shots him across the top rope. Christian hooks his ankle from the floor as he runs the ropes and Bubba crashes face first into the mat. E&C with the quick tags before Christian tosses one of the tag belts to his partner. Ref Jimmy Korderas snatches it away from him and Bubba with a roll up for a two count. This is more like a regular tag as, bar the opening, the Hardy Boyz haven’t been involved since. D-Von with an inverted slam on Christian and Edge is forced to break up the pin. Bubba launches him over the top rope to the outside, ‘Doomsday Device’ on Christian and this time Matt is in there putting a stop to the count. The ‘Wassup’ headbutt is still not getting much response from the crowd despite Lawler joining in on comms with them. Double clothesline to the Hardyz and Bubba tells his brother to “get the tables!” No crowd participation here either, however they pop big for the prospect of some table breaking. The Dudleys prop the table on the ring apron but E&C dropkick it into them. Edge goes to spear Matt, he moves though and takes out Christian instead. ‘Twist of Fate’, ‘Swanton Bomb’ and at the count of two Bubba pulls Jeff from the ring. 3-D on Edge, but as Christian distracts the ref, Matt with a leg drop off the top to the back of D-Von’s head. Christian then throws Matt to the floor, Edge covers D-Von and E&C escape with their tag team straps.


You don’t know how good it is to see Edge & Christian finally away from Kane and the Undertaker! Short match, although there was plenty going on and they crammed a lot into the time given.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-24-WWF-Raw] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs Edge & Christian

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