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[2000-07-26-WCW-Thunder] Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett (Bunkhouse)


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Booker lets Goldberg know that he doesn’t like him but he does respect him. This again puts Goldberg in a weird position whether its ambiguous to a degree whether he is a heel or a face. Jarrett comes out and continues to get hardly no reaction. He sets up the Bunkhouse match tonight saying there must be a winner. Backstage, we have a pull apart between Book/Jarrett and Cat makes the match official. Jarrett is collecting tools for the Bunkhouse match backstage. The match itself is fine and full of props but at least they are living the gimmick. I thought the brawling around ringside has more juice to it than the Bash at the Beach match. The finish also was nice in the use of Jarrett’s guitar blocking the spin kick of Booker that we saw on Monday be effective in making Goldberg stop in his tracks. Jarrett is able to lock on the figure four and pick up a big victory. Overall this was the strongest and best Jarrett has looked in the Russo regime. **3/4

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