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[2000-07-26-IWA-MS-Cabana Surprise] Corporal Robinson vs Cash Flo vs Mitch Page (Fans Bring The Weapons Elimination)


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A fine deathmatch but a pretty low key one. They kept the action going and had a few brutal looking spots mainly involving Mitch Page flying his body around. Bull Pain runs in and kills Corporal with a chair shot eliminating him. That will be a feud for the future. After Mitch and Cash have a couple of minutes of action, Mitch takes the win with a big splash onto a handful of thumbtacks. Good IWA show overall. **1/2

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This was pretty sad. These guys were killing each other in silence basically. I know that happened a lot in IWA but it was really noticable here with it being outdoors. I don't think Cash Flo did many deathmatches but he took some bumps into the thumbtacks. I liked how he seemed to have a shaker of tacks and Corp basically said " dump the whole thing." Bull comes out and lays out Corp with a chairshot. Wasn't Corp the heel at the time with the MAW crew?

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-26-IWA-MS-Cabana Surprise] Corporal Robinson vs Cash Flo vs Mitch Page (Fans Bring The Weapons Elimination)
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Corp does have one of the best worked punches going.  Page crashes and burns on a cannonball from the apron, landing in a bunch of ringside chairs, while inside Cash empties a shaker of thumbtacks all over the mat.  He bodyslams Corp into the tacks but is dragged to the floor by Mitch who rams his head into a chair.  Corp is the first to be busted open and as he gathers his bearings, Page counters the Cash running crossbody by slamming him into the tacks.  Thumbtack baseball bat across the back of Page before Corp grinds it into his forehead and then wallops Flo between the eyes.  Barbed wire baseball bat shot to the butt!  Corp sets up some chairs and light tubes on the concrete, but Cash sneaks up on him and suplexes him through the contraption.  As he takes it to him on the floor, Mitch props up some more light tubes against the turnbuckles in the ring.  He whips Corp into them, however they don’t break.  Page then charges and comes flying at Corp, who moves out the way, and now they break!  Mitch is able to recover first but Corp escapes the attempted powerbomb and counters with a ‘Bootcamp’ into the thumbtacks.  Before he can get the three though, Bull Pain runs out and creams him with a full force chair shot to the head.  There are some “bull shit” chants in the crowd and if I’d known when I started to watch this stuff I’d have made a note to keep count because we are hearing an awful lot of them.  Cash looks at both men, almost as if he’s weighing up who to pin first, eventually deciding on Corp and eliminating him from this three way.  They’re back exaggerating the time again.  Chokeslam on Page but he avoids the Cash frog splash.  Mitch heads up top himself and a big splash puts Flo down for the count as he becomes the number one contender for the IWA-MS Heavyweight title.  Corp and Bull go back and forth on the mic after the match, setting up a bout for the next show, with Bull calling him a “stepping stone” in getting to Ian Rotten.  

One of the better Indy ‘death matches’ we’ve seen so far, aided by the fact that it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome which is a problem at times with them.  Props to Cash Flo, the least associated death match worked of the three, for being the only one to wrestle without a shirt on and take bodyslams into the thumbtacks.  Corp is someone who I’m enjoying a fair bit on the re-watch and even Mitch Page looked competent here.

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