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[2000-07-27-WWF-Smackdown] D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley & Kane vs Edge & Christian & Big Show (Tables)


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The 10 gallon hats that E&C are wearing are a nice gag for Texas. The match itself was fine and condensed but featured some stuff like Kane hitting a tilt a whirl and Edge doing a good job avoiding the table to put it over at first. The finish kind of just happens as Edge gets a 3D through a table for the loss. It is interesting that Edge is taking a lot of losses for his team when they lose. In fact, Christian was able to escape the table here after the bell. Kane teases a chokeslam to Big Show but Shane breaks it up. Kane then teases chokeslamming Shane but Show recovers and then he chokeslams Kane through the table as the segment ends. *1/4

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As they’re in San Antonio, Edge & Christian are wearing some ridiculously oversized Cowboy hats for the night. Shoulder tackle by D-Von to Christian. He gets distracted by Edge though and Christian with a low blow followed by a reverse DDT. Huge powerslam by Show. D-Von blocks the attempted superplex and counters with a release face first suplex off the middle to Edge. As he’s about to make the tag, Christian rushes in and plants him with a belly to back. No tag, but Kane steps over the ropes and into the ring to get in on the action. Cool looking tilt-a-whirl slam on Christian. He clotheslines Edge over the top rope to the outside, launches Christian out there too and wants a piece of the Big Show. The crowd are pretty pumped to see those two go at it, much more so than I’d expect. Surprisingly Kane is getting the better of things until he backhands the referee who’s trying to stop him from pounding away on Show. Shane McMahon is up on the apron and that diversion gives Show the opportunity to level Kane with a clothesline. He tosses him to the floor and the two of them continue their battle on the outside. “Wassup” headbutt and the Dudleys get the tables. Real nice play off the previous match where E&C go for the baseball slide dropkick, but this time the Dudleys lift the table up so that they slide underneath it. 3-D on Edge through the table for the win. The table breaking’s not over mind as Kane is about to chokeslam Shane through an additional one when Show breaks it up. He then turns his attention to Shane but Show has recovered in time and he ends up chokeslamming Kane it.

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