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[2000-07-27-Michinoky Pro] Tiger Mask IV vs Psicosis


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This match has about 3 minutes clipped but we get about 75% of it. Psicosis is a bastard in Japan again just cheating at will along with his lucha friends. He takes the fight to Tiger Mask and that culminates with him diving off the balcony with a legdrop through the table. Tiger Mask is going to be someone that will rank in the upper half of my workers for 2000 and that will raise some eyebrows including myself when I relook at the list but he has been good to very good in almost every match he has appeared in. Here, he sold the attack well and fired up his comeback effectively looking for the Tiger Suplex at multiple points and then finally hitting it to get the pin. ***1/4 (6.4)

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Psicosis is not exactly a hard hitter so while I appreciated him heeling it up, his long offensive onslaught was a bit on the meandering side for me. The extracurricular involvement is a fun diversion along the way. Tiger Mask fires off a nice comeback and gets the pin that came off a bit awkward. Fun enough match that just didn't have much of a hook to it.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-27-Michinoky Pro] Tiger Mask IV vs Psicosis

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