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[2017-07-14-WWE-Mae Young Classic] Bianca Belair vs Kairi Sane


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Before this, I only knew Bianca Belair from some gifs I had seen on twitter, so I had no idea what to expect. Damn did her performance really blow me away; the match saw her really dominate Kairi until Kairi made her big comeback & won the thing. Kairi was obviously awesome, selling her ass off & her comebacks were really great, but goddamn, Bianca stole the show. Her work over Kairi was so great - all of her offense came off as very violent, I loved it. She laid all of her stuff in like a veteran. That hair gimmick was AWESOME. I also thought that she gave a very strong character performance - at first she was really cocky because she was dominating the tournament favorite, but as she wasn't being able to put her away, the frustration & desperation grew and all of that could be seen in her facial expressions & overall body language. The 450 was really cool & added to that, with her busting such a big move out to try & put Kairi away. Terrific performance. I just looked up on Cagematch and she has only been wrestling since September of 2016. Goddamn. There's some serious potential in there. This was great, great stuff. ****

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This match was just nuts. I enjoyed how these two played off of each other in the early going with it leading to Belair snapping and getting super aggressive. Things just nasty after that with Belair breaking out some brutal looking offense while Sane fires back with her typical stuff. Belair did look awkward at times but it's scary to think how great she could be once she irons that out with experience. Hopefully these two get a rematch with more time down the line because that could be something amazing. ****

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