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[2000-07-31-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Matt & Jeff Hardy


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Great heat for the E&C bit as this came off the 1999 World Series sweep. JR gives a nod to Gordon Solie who passed away during this match. I have liked the way they have built to the TLC with interspersing the three teams against each other. This was up there with the regular best of five match before the ladder match leading to No Mercy 99. The nearfall off of the Swantombomb was especially well done with Edge pulling him out at the right exact moment. Chairs get involved causing a DQ and increasing the violence of the feud. **

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Christian says how they could come out here and make tasteless jokes about John Rocker, but they’re not going to do that because this is the home of the Atlanta Braves, winners of countless pennants and quite possibly the best team of the past ten years. Despite all that, the Braves are known for one thing above all else (at which point Edge removes his jacket to reveal a New York Yankees sweater), being the New York Yankees personal bitches! Their pose this week is therefore their rendition of the past few World Series’ around these parts, one they call the ‘Bitchlanta Braves’. Christian then puts on an Atlanta Braves shirt and lies at the feet of Edge who gives a big thumbs up to the camera!


Jeff reverses the waistlock, Christian runs to the ropes, drops down and Jeff’s momentum sends him flying through them to the outside. Christian baseball slides out after him but Jeff is already up and back in the ring. Pescado to the floor. Leg drop off the middle by Matt on Edge for a two count. After signalling for the ‘Twist of Fate’, Christian tries to save his partner with a clothesline. Although Matt sees it coming, he’s distracted enough that Edge is able to clobber him with a right hand. Double flapjack just as Jim Ross makes mention of Gordon Solie who recently passed away, describing him as the best wrestling announcer he ever heard. Accidental clash of heads and Matt takes a spill through the ropes to the outside. While the official checks on Edge, Christian looks to get in a cheap shot, however Matt reverses the Irish whip sending him crashing into the apron before DDT’ing him on the arena floor. Russian leg sweep to Edge and Matt makes the tag to his brother. ‘Poetry in Motion’ and Christian is there to break up the pin. Matt tosses him to the outside where Lita catches him with a huracanrana off the apron to the floor. ‘Twist of Fate’, ‘Swanton bomb’ when, at the count of two, Christian pulls referee Jack Doan from the ring and decks him for the title saving disqualification. Post-match Jeff is on the receiving end of a ‘conchairto’. After a commercial break we see a groggy Jeff being tended to by the EMT’s. Matt then jumps E&C as they’re being interviewed backstage until a bunch of officials separate them.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-31-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Matt & Jeff Hardy

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