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[2000-07-31-WWF-Raw] The Rock & Lita vs HHH & Trish Stratus


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The set up for all of this Steph/HHH drama is really well done. It feels different from pretty much any angle WWF has attempted and hits the chords that a soap opera does. It doesn’t feel overly contrived or hokey. The set up here was well done with the mix tag and HHH accidently calling Steph “trish” when showing her the hammerlock counter. This sets up Trish as HHH’s partner once again and it does seem like Trish wants a piece of the game. The match takes a backdrop o the impending drama but is high octane and has some fun interactions between Rock and HHH. Rock is again really aggressive hitting Trish with a spinebuster and knocking HHH out with the chair at the end of the match leaving HHH in a compromising position on top of Trish. Excellent ending. **

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A rather sombre looking Triple H is on his way to the ring carrying a bunch of red roses. He says that everyone knows he is a man who makes very few mistakes, and on the odd occasion he has made one, his pride has always prevented him from admitting them. Today he is out here in front of the world to admit he made a very big mistake. Although what Stephanie walked in on last week looked bad, he insists that it was completely innocent and there has never been anything between himself and Trish Stratus. He would like Stephanie to come out here and join him so that he can apologise, and tell her how much he loves her. It doesn’t take long before she makes an appearance, although she’s got a face like thunder on her. Steph tells Hunter that he has no idea how much he has hurt her, and how would he feel if she was bent over in front of some guy, say like Kurt Angle? While she can’t get that image out of her head, his obsession with Chris Jericho hasn’t helped either. She goes on to say that Triple H has all but ignored her these past few weeks, hasn’t paid her any attention, but has paid Trish Stratus attention. Hunter again insists that there is nothing between him and Trish, and while he was a little obsessed with Chris Jericho, he was doing that in her defence due to all the names that Y2J had been calling her. Maybe it took all his attention but he did it for her. Smooth talking Triple H charms his way back into her affections and the reconciliation is sealed with a kiss. As the two embrace in the ring they’re interrupted by the arrival of Commissioner Foley who’s got water streaming down his face to symbolize tears. He can’t stop crying because what he just witnessed was the biggest load of horse crap ever! Mick’s got his wooden spoon with him and gets the guys in the back to replay the video of Hunter and Trish “oh my goodness, caught with his hand in the cookie jar!” He says that their personal life is their business, but business is his business and when Triple H lets his marital spat get in the way of business, then it becomes his business. On Thursday night ‘the Game’ walked out on a match that was already set up between himself & Trish Stratus against Chris Jericho & Lita, thereby depriving the entire world the chance of seeing Y2J kick his ass. Foley then fines him $5,000 for doing so. While he knows that’s nothing to him, what it is is a warning and should he ever walk out on a match he sets up again, he’s out of the WWF. The Commissioner is feeling in a generous mood so he’s going to give him a chance to redeem himself in the first ever husband and wife tag team match. He knows Stephanie will be up for it, because after all she is the WWF Women’s champion, and their opponents are going to be The Rock & Lita.


Triple H is promising to look after Stephanie and not let anything happen to her when there is a knock at the door. It’s Trish Stratus again, here to set the record straight. Steph tells her that there is no need to, Hunter and her spoke, it was just a misunderstanding and everything is okay. The moment she’s gone though Steph’s demeanour changes and can’t believe how brazen Trish was. She believes Trish was looking at HHH with certain intentions and Steph didn’t like the way that he was looking at her either. Things are not looking good again in the McMahon-Helmsley camp.


Steph is not too keen on wrestling, but on the chance she ends up in the ring, thinks it would be advisable for Triple H to show her a few moves in preparation. He starts off by saying how Lita likes the double leg take down, and explains that the best defence is a front facelock to choke her out. She’s got that move sorted and now wants to learn the move that he was showing Trish Stratus. Hunter doesn’t really want to, but Steph thinks that if he was showing it her then it has to be a good move. He reluctantly agrees, but as he’s demonstrating the hammerlock escape accidentally calls her “Trish”. That’s the last straw and Steph grabs her bags and storms out of there.


HHH is trailing after Steph as she makes her way to a waiting limo, although wants no part of him saying “to hell with the match, to hell with Mick Foley and to hell with you!”


‘The Game’ goes to see Commissioner Foley and Mick seems almost apologetic about what happened claiming that wasn’t his intention. Even though he’s “all about business”, Triple H thinks that without Stephanie the match should probably be postponed. When Foley says that isn’t an option due to the large crowd they’ve got in attendance, he offers to face them both on his own. Commissioner Mick turns into compassionate Mick, as with Hunter’s injured elbow and with him in “a fragile and emotional state”, he’s not prepared to send him out there all alone. He’s going to give him a partner for the match, Trish Stratus.


Triple H and Trish are already arguing before they’ve made it to the ring so Hunter ends up sending her on ahead of him. He’s really not happy about having to team with her and continues to mouth off to the point he’s not paying attention when the bells rings. Spinning neckbreaker by the Rock and after a couple of right hands HHH takes to the floor. That brings in Trish who thinks she’s going to be going “one on one with the great one” but he stops her in her tracks and tags Lita. A slow spear take down before repeatedly bouncing Trish’s head off the canvas. Snap suplex, but as she hits the ropes ‘the Game’ grabs her by the hair leading to the Rock rushing over and slugging him. As the ref tries to get Rock out of there, HHH levels Lita with a clothesline while his back is turned. Bulldog by Trish and she tags Triple H who’s got an almighty smirk on his face. He goes for the pedigree, but the Rock is in again saving his partner. After the briefest of action from the women the men get back to it. Rock with a DDT for a near fall. HHH ducks the clothesline and catches Rock with a neckbreaker. High knee, the facebuster but ‘the Game’ then runs straight into a spinebuster. Rock’s about to drop ‘the People’s elbow’ when Trish rakes his eyes and slaps him across the face. He counters the attempted pedigree and catapults HHH into Trish who was in the corner. A big right sends Hunter over the top rope to the floor, spinebuster on Trish and Lita with the moonsault for the win. Triple H is stood over the prone Trish berating her after the match when Rock clocks him in the back and he falls on top of her in a 69 position as the commentators hope that Stephanie isn’t watching this!

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