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[2017-09-03-Lucha Memes] Hechicero vs Satoshi Kojima


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I didn't have any expectations coming into this but it was such a weird match-up I just had to watch it. I'm sure everyone remembers the well known story of Kobashi coming into ROH expecting nobody to know him and being ready to play a generic stereotypical heel-that's kinda what happened with Kojima here. Some of his offence really did look more suited for lucha than traditional jwres-some of it due to the lack of stiffness, some of due to how cartoony his mannerisms were. Kojima did manage to get heat for whatever that's worth, but watching him cosplay Dr.Wagner Jr. in playing to the crowd more than doing anything wasn't interesting. Structurally the match wasn't much-Kojima's control segments consisted of doing stomps, yelling and occasionally doing a move, Hechicero would get on offence and do a couple of cool moves before a generic transition into more Kojima stuff, and this match really was a stark reminder of how bad a lot of Kojima's stuff looks. Weak chops, generic stomps, lazy attempts of legwork, weak lariats, he may have the weakest rolling elbow of all time.....I mean it's not like he's bad or there haven't been instances where he's worked through it but he's not exactly a guy whose lazier performances you'd crave for. I'm way bigger on Hechicero's pain by the numbers stuff but he was not in a mood for a carry job. **1/2

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I had no idea Kojima made his way down to Mexico last year. It's a utterly bizarre sight seeing him work a small promotion like Lucha Memes.


Anyway, there's not too much to talk about. Kojima seems to be having the time of his life heeling it up. Hechicero has cool offense. I liked the spot where he mocks Kojima's chops. A solid outing, but no Kobashi in ROH.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-09-03-Lucha Memes] Hechicero vs Satoshi Kojima

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