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[2000-08-10-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock & The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle & HHH


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Foley starts things off and is ready to make his ruling for SummerSlam but Angle interrupts. He says he wont be the New Jersey of champions. Bruno gets a name drop. Foley comes out and officially makes the main event of SummerSlam a triple threat. He gets a big pop using the Rock’s catchphrase and sets up a tag team main event tonight with Kurt/HHH vs Taker/Rock. Backstage, we get a variety of Just Joe segments with him telling Angle he should be worried about HHH and that HHH should be worried about Shane. The match itself is fun as WWF has hit a nice groove in giving their tv matches enough time to make them good while building to the next PPV that is on the docket. Undertaker looks as strong here as he has since he has returned. He does end up getting the pin which can seem wasteful but it does come after more problems with HHH/Angle so it makes logical sense. *** (6)

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