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[2000-08-12-MPPW-TV] Derrick King vs Seven


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Seven says he doesn't need that midget Brandon Baxter to win his matches. Seven looks good with some of his power moves and pretty bad with others leaving Corey to have to cover for him by saying he looks slow and methodical but powerful. The Alabama Slam in particular looked brutal and gets a close nearfall. King feeds himself into Seven and performs his role really well. Seven ends up winning with the redemption. Again Corey buries Seven by saying he doesn't have too many moves and it doesn't look pretty, but he gets it done. *

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Seven stops off to have a quick word with Corey and explains that he doesn’t have Brandon Baxter with him today because he needs to prove something to himself, that he doesn’t need that midget to follow him around to win matches! Swinging neckbreaker by DK after escaping from an attempted side slam. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Seven pushes the official into the ropes and King loses his balance up there crotching himself. Superplex and a pretty slack cover sees DK kick out at two. Inverted face first suplex (starting off in a reverse DDT position, lifting King up and then slamming him back to the mat) followed by a powerslam. Seven misses a slingshot senton and DK with a crossbody off the top for a two. Irish whip is reversed, tip up by King, but Seven catches him, reverses his own position and hits a brutally stiff looking ‘Alabama slam’. ‘The Redemption’ and this one is over while King is still holding the back of his head, clearly in pain from that ‘Alabama slam’.


That ‘Alabama slam’ was nasty and could easily have concussed King the way the back of his head slammed against the canvas. Seven tended to rely and power moves but still looked green in there on more than one occasion. Match wasn’t as competitive either as I would have expected from these two either.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-12-MPPW-TV] Derrick King vs Seven

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