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[2000-08-12-NWA Wildside] Lazz vs Mark E. Mark


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My goodness Jeff G Bailey gives a scathing promo that has to be bleeped. Ill say this for Lazz in Wildside. The commentators handle Lazz much better than other acts like the Christopher Street Connection in ROH. Lazz looks to be a pretty damn good wrestler as he hits a huge springboard swantom as they go to break. Mark E Mark. gets into the action too as he hits a swantom and is good enough on top for the match. Lazz fires back and wins with his finisher the Britney Spear which is excellent. I enjoyed this as Lazz is now looking to take on Onyx. **

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Tim Dix's face when Bailey says God Damn is classic. Pre Britney Spears music Lazz is weird but he's still got the gimmick down. Some of the stuff that went down early in the match wouldn't fly today at all. However, Lazz hits an amazing swanton to the outside with the greatest of ease. Mark is the stereotypical indie guy but he was good enough to make this not bad. Lazz's finisher name is amazing.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-12-NWA Wildside] Lazz vs Mark E. Mark
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Jeff G. Bailey is in Mark E. Mark’s corner as he’s promised Onyx that by the time he gets back from his vacation Lazz will be gone and out of the picture.  There’s no blasphemy in Wildside as “God damn” is bleeped out of Bailey’s promo, unlike “hermaphroditic trans testicle” which is what he refers to Lazz as!  He then tells him to come out and take the beating of a lifetime, if someone can drag him away from the truck stop rest room that is!  The two security guys who Lazz lap dances during his entrance look really uncomfortable as he does so.  Lazz plants a smacker on referee Andy Thomas and then gets in position to be searched, however with Lazz looking a bit too keen for his liking he just calls for the bell to get this one underway.  After a couple of headbutts to the crown jewels Mark rolls to the outside where Lazz nails him with an awesome looking flip dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor.  In typical Wildside fashion we cut to a commercial break and return just in time to see Mark catch Lazz with a reverse springboard crossbody off the middle.  Some sort of reverse DDT is botched by the pair of them although they make up for it with a nice looking high backdrop.  ‘Swanton bomb’ by the big man.  He opts to pin Lazz with one foot on his chest, but removes it at the count of two wanting to dish out some more punishment instead.  Mark whips him into the corner only to run into a big boot.  Face plant and Lazz picks up the win after the wonderfully named ‘Brittney Spear’, moving one step closer to a match with Onyx in the process.

Flip dive to the floor aside, this went downhill after Lazz’s entrance for me.  I found it scrappy and clunky, punctuated with the odd nice spot, while jokes about “go behind” and “rear” get tiresome very quickly.

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