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[2000-08-12-CZW-Blood, Sweat & Violence] Backseat Boyz vs Ric Blade & Nick Mondo (Ladder)


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Last month had all the stars aligning when these four did a garbage brawl full of spotfests. This was less successful mainly because Blade was pretty dreadful and botching a ton of stuff. There is a 2-3 minute stretch in the middle of this were the BSB just reel off cool combo after cool combo using the ladder culminating in the Acid Bomb wedging Mondo’s head between the ladder. Matthews/York have looked decent when given a chance but the BSB are clearly more exciting to me and they look like they could be in any big time indie or on a national stage at this point. The double Van Terminator spot is blown by Blade which is a shame. The big culminating spot is nuts as Blade does a swantom from around 20 feet above the entrance. He makes contact but doesn’t smash as much of the tables as he would like and goes crashing hard tailbone first to the ground. Dewey Donovan wrestled earlier in the night but comes out to break up the pin. The finish of this was stupid and confusing as Robbie Mireno (Kashmere’s brother) gets pinned by Mondo and the referee awards Blade/Mondo as the tag champs. This was presented more as a face turn by the BSB compared to them getting their comeuppance. On commentary, they are saying that Blade/Mondo took the easy way out and BSB deservedly get a standing ovation as they make their way to the back. *** (6.1)

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Okay so it's go go go and there are so many spots that none of them get a chance to mean that much. Ric Blade botches some stuff and a lot of stuff comes off as awkward, I'm thinking mainly of the Total Elimination with the ladder being held by Kashmere. WAY too much stuff is kicked out of and there are some insane things done in this match. But this was a really awesome and wild indy spotfest. The opening sequence is kind of business exposing but a legitimately hot opening and felt modern even today. Some of the spots in this are just brutal and unreal. Acid taking the moonsault with a chair over his face while being held in a surfboard. The swanton which was truly death-defying. The Acid Drop wedging Blade's head into the open ladder was crazy. There is a lot of wow factor here and I'm likely to watch this sometime when I just want a crazy spotfest to enjoy. And that counts for something.



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This was the typical Ladder car crash matches. Blade seems to botch more than usual. It takes a special talent to botch a swanton from the balcony through two tables. The Van terminator botch was even worse where he doesn't even try to hide it. Finish was a weak way to get out of the four guys not jobbing.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-12-CZW-Blood, Sweat & Violence] Backseat Boyz vs Ric Blade & Nick Mondo (Ladder)
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Only pinfall rules are in operation here and the ladders are to be used as weapons, they’re not to help you retrieve something from up high.  No Dewey Donovan with the Backseat Boyz, seriously injured apparently in his match earlier in the night with Nick Berk.  Not to worry, Shorty is here though!  A balls to the wall opening ending with a Blade and Mondo double somersault plancha over the top rope to the floor.  As they get back in the ring and climb the turnbuckles to play to the fans they forget about their opponents and are caught by stereo sunset flip powerbombs.  Spinning powerbomb by Acid on Mondo.  Kashmere breaks up the pin attempt on his partner after a Blade rolling German with bridge and then hits this cool ‘Backseat Driver’ on him.  The champs place a ladder on top of Mondo that Kashmere comes off the top onto with a tumbleweed.  Blade kicks a chair into the face of Kashmere, ducks an Acid enziguiri and keeping hold of that leg transitions to a surfboard.  Shorty is in and she holds a chair over Trent’s face as Blade with a tumbleweed of his own, this time a springboard variation.  ‘Total Elimination’ but Kashmere kicks out of the cover.  Acid reverses the Irish whip, sending Mondo clattering into the ladder that Blade was holding, and a superkick then sends him crashing out to the floor.  Orihara moonsault by Trent followed by a Kashmere corkscrew plancha from an in ring ladder.  Back inside and Blade with a sky high springboard legdrop over the ladder.  After bridging it between two chairs he’s attacked from behind by Acid who ‘Blue Thunder Drives’ him onto that ladder as Mondo is forced to make the save.  Mondo suplexes Trent into a ladder resting upright against the top rope before hitting a picture perfect quebrada.  Spinning torture rack into a neckbreaker by Kashmere on Blade.  The Backseats sandwich him between the ladder and Johnny then pancakes Trent onto it.  ‘Acid Bomb’ into a ladder as pinfalls continue to be broken up.  The ladder incorporated double ‘Van Terminator’ takes an age to set up only for Blade to botch his first attempt so of course he immediately repeats the spot!  Blade collects a table and heads to the back of the arena in front of the entrance way where he places it on top of another table.  He lays Trent on the top table and heads to the top of the building while Mondo lays Kashmere on the bottom one.  Jeez, he’s going to cripple himself if he over shoots like he has done in the past.  He does a tad and as a result the bottom table doesn’t break due to how little impact there was.  The challengers carry the champions back to the ring in order to make the cover, although there is no title change as at the count of two Dewey Donovan pulls the official from the ring.  Shorty almost slips off the top turnbuckle but connects on the leaping side kick, apparently she’s an accomplished martial artist according to Gargiulo!  Amazingly his nose didn’t grow when he claimed that.  Robbie Moreno then comes out, lays down and pulls Mondo on top of him, getting pinned and screwing his brother out of the tag team titles.  If that wasn’t lame enough, referee Rob Hartung is now in the ring raising the hands of Mondo and Blade and walking right past Moreno.  Can he not see him?  What a shit finish.

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